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Top Tips for Non-Tipping Patio Umbrella
May 25, 2016

Top Tips for a Non-Tipping Patio Umbrella

I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times we have had our patio umbrellas tip over or fly out of our patio umbrella table. None of them were really any surprise, because we just didn't take the time or spend the money on getting the right umbrella base.

One umbrella flew out of the patio table umbrella hole because we hadn't yet purchased a base for it. Another free standing one wasn't screwed in tightly to the base and yet another time the umbrella stand wasn't heavy enough for the size umbrella. So perhaps you can learn from my mistakes and enjoy your outdoor umbrellas where they belong - in the right size stand.

Get the recommended weight guidelines for umbrella bases based on the size of the umbrella and if they are free standing or in a table here:

Top Tips for Keeping Your Umbrella From Tipping Over

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