Little Mermaid Party Decorations

Little Mermaid party decorations can be store bought or home-made.

For our Little Mermaid Party we decorated the patio umbrella with blue netting, draping it around the patio ribs, wrapping it around the umbrella pole and then piling it around the bottom of the pole.

Entrance to Party Area - Balloons and Mister

This arbor was decorated as the entrance to the Under the Sea adventure. I used a blue plastic tablecloth. Folded it in half and then cut strips in different lengths. Tie clear plastic string across the center.

Lay the table cloth over the string. Embellish with some inflatable fish and balloons. The kids were all instructed to come in their swimsuits because as soon as they stepped through the entrance they were greeted with a cooling mist from our outdoor mister.

I could hear the kids comments on how cool and how fun it was to start the Little Mermaid party with this extra special party decoration.

Be sure to place the tablecloth low enough so that the blue strips fall below the height of the children.

Pool Gate

Simply buy a Tropical Fish Inflatable Swim Ring and tie it on the gate to greet all of your guests. I use clear plastic fish wire or string.

Bubble Machine

There is nothing quite like floating bubbles for a Little Mermaid pool party. Place the bubble machine at the entrance to the pool when the kids first arrive and then move it to the pool area.

After making several different purchases I finally found one that worked well and we used it all summer. Creative Motion Bubble Machine would work for about an hour or so and then it needs a rest - but will start again.

bubble machine Be sure to keep it filled with bubble juice - the one I used and would recommend is Froggys Fog Pro Bubble Juice. Get the gallon size because you go through it pretty fast.

Ariel Scene

I love to use these plastic scenes to decorate.  They can get wet and you can set them up hours ahead of time.

This one is less than $7 and free shipping for Prime Members.

Tape it onto the pool fence in a really visible spot.  Then use it for your photo opps with the kids.

Little Mermaid Scene

Ariel Balloons

Use balloons at the end of the driveway or by the party table where everyone can enjoy them through out the day.

Little Mermaid Birthday Bouquet of Balloons

Inflatable Sea Horse and Octopus

Inflatable sea creatures can be used for decorations in and out of the pool. Easy to blow up - set them by the pool gate or by the party table.

Use them for pool party games as well.

Set of 3 Inflatable SEA CREATURES

Under the Sea Craft

Kids can help with the decorating by making these paper plate tropical fish.  Simply paint two paper plates, cut out the mouth, and staple the two plates together.

Cut blue tissue paper into strips of 2" x 5" and gather several strips together and staple them into the other end of the plate.

I had some shimmery blue Easter grass that I stapled into the tail as well.

You can use stick on eyes, rhinestones or buttons as eyes. I found these blue rhinestone stickers in the dollar section at Target.

Hang the fish from the patio umbrella, on the pool gate or put them on blue painted dowels to set out along the perimeter of the pool.

We also used the "fish on a stick" for a Little Mermaid Party Parade. Each child had their own decorated fish with ribbons and crepe paper. Holding onto the stick they danced around the pool to the Disney song, Under the Sea.

Party Table

The shimmering blue netting that is wrapped around the pole, is then pooled around the bottom of the pole.

Set out colorful beaded necklaces and plastic crabs, turtles, fish or seashells.

These plastic sea creatures are actually dive toys that I found at a store.

So after the guests are done eating you can use them for diving games.

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