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Your Guide to Pool Umbrella Fabrics
May 09, 2018

Your Guide to Pool Umbrella Fabrics

Choosing a pool umbrella that will give you the look you want is about size, shape, color and yes, umbrella fabric.

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

There are several options when it comes to outdoor patio umbrella fabric. How long you want your umbrellas to stay fresh and new looking will determine which fabric to get.

The cheapest option is a waterproof polyester material. We've bought patio umbrellas using this type of fabric in a hurry usually before some big gathering. They are less expensive, easy to find and look great for one summer and then they fade and lose their brightness.

The more expensive option up front is a pool umbrella that uses a fabric that doesn't fade, mold or stain. While it may cost more initially you save money in the long run, because your patio umbrella still looks like new year after year.

Find out what pool umbrella fabric is going to give you years of enjoyment, easy maintenance, and a pop of color around your pool and patio area ...

Your Guide to Patio Umbrella Fabric

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