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Start Your Spring with A Salt Water Pool
March 07, 2018

Start Your Spring with A Salt Water Pool

As spring is approaching it's a good time to re-evaluate your pool equipment needs and pool maintenance issues. If you are thinking about putting in a pool or are getting ready to open your pool, consider changing out your sanitizing system from a standard chlorine one that uses tablets and shock to one that creates its own chlorine with a salt generator.

Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

We made the switch 5 years ago. Why did we go from standard chlorine to a salt system?

1. Chlorine tablets and shock are in a more concentrated form and thus harsher on your skin, hair and eyes.

2. The initial investment is re-couped quickly by buying and using less pool chemicals.

If you won't miss the drying effects of chlorine on your body, the lingering smell when you are out of the pool, and the constant buying and handling of chlorine check out our 10 top benefits to a salt water pool:

10 Top Benefits to a Salt Water Pool

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