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Solar Floating Pool Lights for Evening Fun
July 08, 2020

Solar Floating Pool Lights for Evening Fun

There are lots of fun and easy ways to light up your pool at night that add ambience to any type of gathering or just for your own enjoyment.

However there are four things to consider when deciding how to light up your pool with floating pool lights.

4 Tips for Using Floating Pool Lights

1. Size

The key to using floating lights for your pool is size. Because it's a big area - unlike a spa, hot tub or pond - it requires bigger lights. These orbs range in size from 3"-15". Some people enjoy an assortment of sizes.

2. Number

You need several lights to cover the pool area. So if you are going to use this type of lighting - don't just get one - as it won't be enough.

3. Power Source

Choose between solar or rechargeable to light up your pool.

4. Color Display

Our solar powered floating pool lights transition from one color to another while our rechargeable one allows us to select one continuous color.

So give your pool a fresh and fun evening look with these pool accessories. See pictures and videos for Floating Pool Lights ....

Fun Floating Pool Lights

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