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3 Top Tips to Windproof Your Pool Umbrella
February 11, 2021

3 Top Tips to Windproof Your Pool Umbrella

I wish I could tell you that this was the one and only time our pool umbrella has been "rearranged" by the wind. Unfortunately we have experienced umbrellas in the pool and in the yard - sometimes still intact and other times, with broken ribs.

We have done just about everything possible to allow our umbrellas to take flight. Here are the top 3 ways we have learned to windproof our patio umbrellas:

1. Always use a patio umbrella base even if it feels secure in the patio table.

2. Use enough weight for the size of your umbrella.

3. Close and tie your umbrella when not in use. Keeping your umbrella closed when a storm or an unexpected gust of wind blows through provides extra stability and security.

Get more tips for adding more weight to your outdoor umbrella and for protecting your investment so that you can enjoy your patio umbrellas for years to come.

Make Your Pool Umbrella Wind Resistant

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