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Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture - Make It Look Like New
May 03, 2013

Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture - Make It Look Like New

We have two sets of wrought iron outdoor furniture. It's one of the best values out there for outdoor pool furniture.

While all the manufacturers promote that it is powder coated and rust resistant - it will eventually show signs of rusting.

Does that mean you should never consider wrought iron and only get aluminum or other material that never rusts? Not necessarily.

Wrought iron patio tables and chairs provide excellent value if you have a limited budget and just want to spend a couple of hundred (instead of thousands) of dollars.

They can be protected with furniture covers in the winter or brought into your garage for storage. We also found that our Sunbrella patio umbrella (that we keep up and open) also protected the wrought iron patio table from getting wet and rusted less than the patio table that sat under a Cool-a-roo umbrella where the rain does go through.

However, there is a way to make your rusted tables, chairs or lounge chairs look like new.

My husband got inspired one day when one of his golf buddies told him he was spending the rest of his afternoon spray painting his wrought iron furniture.

Get some tips on how easy this is to do by going to:

Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

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