Luminary Bags

Luminary bags are a great way to light up walkways, paths, steps or sidewalks for any outdoor event.

luminary bags

Paper luminaries make great outdoor party lights. Use them to light up the path to your pool or patio. Place them on tables as centerpieces or on steps or rock walls.

The easiest, safest and most reliable way to set them up is to use decorative rocks to add weight to the bags and electronic votive candles as lights.

Then there is no need to worry about the wind blowing the candles out or a fire starting if the bag tips over.

Paper Luminaries

There is a wide assortment of styles and designs available.

1. Flame retardant bags

luminary bags

Flame retardant bags are thicker and the glow from the candle is not as bright, but they are the safest option. Add an inch or two of sand or cat box filler to the bottom of each bag. Put a tea light candle in the center. Light your candle.

2. Not flame retardant bags

These paper luminaries are thinner so the glow is brighter. For safety reasons use battery-operated tea lights and decorative rocks or sand to add weight to the bag.

3. With or without tea lights.

You will find the prices vary depending on the number of bags you order and if they come with or without the tea lights. The large the number of bags the better the value.

4. Bags with cut out patterns

These are my favorite luminary bags.

luminary bags

The cutouts make the light and the glow more noticeable.

The white flame retardant bags we have used had no cut outs and the thicker flame retardant paper meant that the glow from the tea light was very dim.

You can get white cut out luminary bags from Amazon.

CleverDelights White Luminary Bags - 30 Count Flame Resistant Paper

5. Solid color or white bags

White bags provide the better glow or light. Light pastel bags also provide a nice glow. We have used darker aqua colored bags with a Hawaiian them. They look great during the day, but the small tea light has a hard time glowing through the dark bag. So remember the darker the bag or thicker the paper the less light shines through.

6. Bags With Designs

Themed bags for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas or Valentines add a festive outdoor touch to any party.

For a finishing touch, trim the tops of the bag with a decorative scissor.

To make an impact place your bags every couple of feet to line your driveway, walk way or pool perimeter.

For just around $5 for 12 bags what's not to like about them.

Fall Luminary Bags (1 dozen)

7. Use Electronic Tea Lights

There is nothing more frustrating than setting out your bags, putting in new candles, lighting each one of them .... only to have them blow out or just not stay lit. That's why I now use electronic tea lights . Once you turn them on - they stay on and the lights is just as good as a tea light candle.

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