Pool Decorations

Pool decorations can reflect the theme of your pool party or simply provide splashes of color with inflatable floats, a pool full of beach balls, and bouquets of flowers or potted plants

Pool party decorations can be simple and inexpensive, yet they can turn an ordinary party into an extraordinary, memorable event.

The most important tip for decorating around your pool is to use color.

Colorful potted plants of geraniums, blooming gardenias, or bouquets of store bought flowers should surround your guests with color and fragrance.

pool party decorations

Pool Party Decorations

Colored Paper Lanterns

Colored paper lanterns add a festive touch as swimming pool decorations.  Keep a consistent color combination - using the same colors for your invites, paper goods, flowers and pool decorations.

Hang colored paper lanterns on the garden arbor, on tree branches, or from the ribs of the outdoor umbrella. 

Choose a color theme and repeat it in the table setting, the paper lanterns, and any other swimming pool decorations that you use.

It if is an evening party, use battery operated paper or nylon lanterns.  I buy all of mine at PaperLanterns.com.  They have the best selection of colors and sizes and the best prices. Usually you will find a coupon code on the top of the page for 15% off:

Colored lanterns provide lots of color while the sun is up and great pool party lights for when the sun goes down.

Decorate Based On A Theme

Consider using a pool party theme for your next swimming pool party. 

The theme will give direction to your invitations, food, the color theme and the decorations. 

This summer we had a dolphin pool party.  Floating dolphins greeted  guests by the gate and in the swimming pool.

Pool Party Theme Ideas


pool party decorations

We bought a bubble machine to use at one of our pool parties, but it kept showing up out by the pool all summer. 

We bought the Creative Motion Bubble Machine and one gallon of Pro Bubble Juice

I don't know if it was the combination of the two but it worked great. Lots of good bubbles. 

After an hour or two you need to turn it off and give it a rest, add some more bubble juice and it is good to go again.  We bought ours at Amazon here:

Creative Motion Bubble Machine

Inflatable Decorations

pool party decorations

I love plastic inflatable decorations. They can be set out early in the day and unlike paper decorations you don't need to worry about "iffy" weather.  They love to get wet and often move from decoration to pool party toy :)

They come in just about every shape - from dolphins and dinosaurs to whales and palm trees.

Inflatable Toys for Party Decorations

Lots of Pool Party Lighting

For an evening party set out lots of lights -  on the path to the pool, on any steps, and around the perimeter of the pool.

Outdoor party lights are an inexpensive way to make sure that there are no dark areas. 

Floating Pool Fountain

pool decorations

Swimming pool fountains provide a source of a refreshing visual delight and a calming sound of splashing water.

They can be easily installed and removed.

We use a floating pool fountain that sits in the middle of our pool.

They are great pool decorations for daytime parties or get a lighted fountain for evening entertainment.

The soothing splashing sound and the refreshing site adds to any pool party ambience.

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

pool party decorations

Bouquets of blue hydrangeas look fabulous in these yellow buckets.

I put large bouquets of them on the steps to the pool with a touch of blue netting tied on the handle.

Sitting alongside the bouquet is a blue dolphin pool toy.

More bouquets were placed by the pool gate and at the tables.

When decorating for a pool party not only should repeat the same  color scheme - but repeat the same flowers as well.

The flowers on each of the tables or wherever you use them should be similar in style and color.

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