Pool Party Invitations

Pool party invitations do so much more than provide the party details of when and where. They set the the tone and theme of the party and with a little creativity build anticipation and excitement for the event.

Pool Party Invites

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pool party invitations

Pool party invites set the tone and the theme for your next pool party. If your party has a theme, use your invitations to reflect that - whether it is a flip flop party, beach ball party or a tropical luau.

Invites can be expensive custom designed invitations or free evites that are sent by e-mail. I have sent expensive custom designed pool party invites, free e-vites and homemade pool party birthday invitations.

Your invitations should reflect your pool party theme and they need to include all the important information one needs to know for the big event.

Free Pool Party Invitations - Save A Stamp

For a girl's night out by the pool I sent free Flip Flop themed e-vites from www.Evites.com. There are lots of other summer designs to choose from as well.

It is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to let others know about your next pool party. No buying any invitations or stamps.

These free pool party invitations are sent to your guests by e-mail. Evits.com offers some fun looking graphics and invitations, including a map to your home.

Even better, it is so easy for people to quickly e-mail a reply to tell you if they are or are not coming or if they have a question. By simply pressing a button on the keyboard, guests can respond and they can add a personal note, such as they are bringing a friend or an appetizer.

Days before the event, a reminder is sent to your guest list as well. I find I get better RSVP's with e-vites than I do with mailed out invitations.

Wording for Pool Party Invites

Pool party invitations need to include important details like who is hosting the party and the purpose of the party.

Pool party invitations need to include important details like:

1. Who is hosting the party

2. The purpose of the party - birthday party, fun pool party, going away party, etc.

3. Name of the person being honored if it is a birthday or special celebration

4. Day and Date of the party

6. Time

7. Location of Place (street address, city and state if inviting out of town guests)

8. Appropriate attire - Just for fun you could add "Wear your Favorite Flip Flops and Bring your Suit."

9. Include what they should bring, i.e, swimsuit, towels, sunscreen

Make sure you proof the invite for mistakes and/or forgotten information. It's best to have a second set of eyes check to see if you've included all the necessary information and if there are any mistakes or typos.

The company I use most often for printed invitations is VistaPrint. Sometimes they have special promotions for invitations that are half off or more.

It is very easy to create and design your invitation on their website. To go to VistaPrint to see what I mean click here:

50% Off All Note Cards, Announcements & Invitations

Pool party invitation ideas can be as traditional as colorful printed invites or as creative as sending your invites in a bottle for your tropical pool party.

Before you send out your invitations, decide if you want to give your pool party a theme - such as a tropical or luau party, a jungle party theme, a deep sea birthday party or a pirate treasure hunt.

Let your invitation set the tone and style for the party.

Of course, a swimming pool itself can be the theme of the party.

If that's the case, you can use cheap inflatable pool rings or pool toys from one of your local dollar stores. Flatten out the ring and write about the "splashing good time" at your pool party.

Beach Party Invitations

Beach party invitations or beach ball invites are a fun and fitting theme for your next pool party.

For a beach ball theme, you can purchase this kit that contains small beach balls and mailing containers.

Inflate them, write the party details in permanent pen, then deflate them and put them in the plastic containers. Bring them to the post office to get correct postage.

I got my set of a dozen balls/containers from Amazon:

Beach Ball Invitations (1 DOZEN)

Flip Flop Invitations

What is cuter or more colorful than a flip flop themed party? It is fitting for all ages and provides all kinds of ideas for flip flop decorating crafts for kids birthday parties to flip flop themed cakes, plates and center pieces.

If you like being creative and want to make your own flip flop pool party invites, trace a child size flip flop onto colorful card stock paper, glue on decorative ribbon as the straps and then write the details of the party on your flip flop invitations.

Or if you don't mind the extra effort of a bulky invite, write your invite on a cheap pair of flip flops and hand deliver them or put the invite in an oversized envelope.

You can make this part of the party simple by buying these cute invites from Amazon here:

Flip Flop Jumbo Invitations 8ct

Pool Party Invites

I love the bright red on these pool party invites. They come with the light blue and aqua swirling water background. "POOL PARTY" is pre-printed at the top of the card with the two striped life preservers. If you are good with designing the wording and printing the details of the party on your own computer/printer this one is one of my favorites.

Envelopes are included in the purchase.

Pool Party Invitations Tiny Bubbles - Pack of 20

Hawaiian Party Invitations

Give your next pool party a Hawaiian theme. Start with these cute Hawaiian party invitations from Amazon. A set of 20 invites are under $9.00.

Then let your imagination go with fun flowered leis, tiki torches, Hawaiian skirts and inflatable palm tress.

Hibiscus Hawaiian Party Invitations

Don't underestimate the importance of your pool party invites. They help build excitement and anticipation for a fun gathering and makes the invitees feel like they are going to be part of something special.

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