Kids Beach Party

A kids beach party is a great pool party theme for kids of all ages. With easy props of sand buckets, pool floats, beach towels and beach chairs, decorating is a breeze.

kids beach party

Serve kids favorite snacks in new beach pails, use beach towels for your tablecloth and have lots of beach balls floating in the pool to greet your guests.

Beach Ball Invitations

beach ball invitations

What could be more cute than sending out real mini-beach balls for your pool party invites. These beach ball invitations let your guests know that this is going to be a really fun beach party. The invites are handwritten on small beach balls and then can be mailed in these bright blue plastic containers. They can be bought right at Amazon for a little over $1.25/each.

Beach Ball Invitations

I've also made inexpensive invites using beach themes stickers and colorful card stock paper. The invitations set the theme for your next pool party. Include clever pool party wording like "Make a Splash at Laura's Beach Party," "Let's have some fun in the sun ..." or "Ocean's of fun at Caleb's Pool" or "You'll have a Ball at Jamie's Beach Party."

Beach Party Decorations

beach party decorations

Beach party decorations for a kids beach party can be inexpensively bought - be sure to include colorful beach balls, towels, sand buckets, shovels and sand toys.

Start your beach party decorating at the entrance to your pool - the pool gate. We always decorate the gate for all of our pool parties.

Drape a colorful beach towel on the gate and then hang

bright colored swim ring on it tied with some green ribbon.
beach party decorations

You could also hang a bright colored beach hat or beach bag with a towel hanging from it.

This bright orange Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Crab Beach Bag is stuffed with beach gear - towels, sunglasses, flip flops and beach shovels.

You don't need to go buy anything special, use what you already have at home.

If you have some sea shells you've collected from trips to the beach, scatter some on the sidewalk leading to the pool area. In this picture I simply have 3 blue napkins tucked into 3 bright sand buckets.

beach party decorations

Place beach toys, small flip flops or sea shells around the buckets.

Other beach party decorating ideas include:

Use a beach towel as the tablecloth.

Hang colored paper lanterns from your outdoor umbrella or in trees near the party action.

Have lots of beach balls floating in the pool - at least enough for each guest to have their own ball. Make sure they are at least 12" and if you have a really large pool and the kids are older get the 16" one. They can then be taken home as party favors.

Write the names of each of the guests on the ball with permanent marker. One of the first games to get the kids into the pool (not that they need any help) is to go find the ball with their name on it.

Amazon sells a nice bulk set of 12 beach balls - 16" - for less than $10. You can't do better than that at the Dollar Store.

Go to Amazon here:

12 Beach Ball Inflates ~ Approx. 16" Before Inflation

Beach Party Food

Place a colored napkin in a new sand bucket. Serve snacks like Goldfish, Chex Mix, trail mix or chips in the bucket.

Finger foods are the best beach party food for kids - so include slices of watermelon or fruit kebabs and sandwich cutouts in the shape of a fish or sailboat.

Cut up vegetables and serve with a ranch dressing dip.  Fruit smoothies are a big hit with kids. I make a healthy smoothie that tastes great and is good for you.

Beach Party Food

Kids Beach Party Games

Beach Balls Our niece went to a friend's beach party and they started the festivities with this beach ball game. Write the name of each of the guests on a beach ball and toss them into the pool. To get the kids into the pool, they were instructed to go find the beach ball with their name on it. The kids took their beach ball home as a party favor.

Ball Toss

Make up teams of two and give them each a beach ball.  Start playing some lively music.  Team members toss the ball back and forth to each other.  The team that keeps their ball up the longest without dropping it in the pool is the winner.

Hula Hoops

Play fun age appropriate music on your iPod with speakers and two at a time see who can hula hoop the longest.

Sand Buckets

Each team is given a different color bucket - i.e. the red team and the blue team. Have one half of the team on one end of the pool and the other half on the other side. Each player swims with his bucket and hands it off to the next team member. That team member swims to the other side of the pool and hands the bucket to another team member. The team that finishes first wins.

Swim Rings

Give each team a swim swim rings . At the start of "go" each team member hops on their swim ring and swims to the end of the pool and back and gives the swim ring to the next player. The team that finishes first wins.

Kids Beach Party Favors

kids beach party favors

Send the kids home with beach party favors that include a small bag of Goldfish treats, plastic fish finger puppets, squirt fish, a small beach ball, or a fun straw or sunglasses.

Use small metal sand buckets and embellish them with the child's name, a beach themed sticker and a little ribbon.

In this picture, I tucked a navy blue beverage sized napkin in the bucket instead of tissue paper.

For more beach party favor ideas click here: Kids Beach Party Favors

Easy, Fun Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for a kids beach party. They can be decorated with sprinkles of crushed graham crackers for sand with a party parasol stick inserted in the frosting.

Look for cupcake toppers that are not necessarily made for that purpose.

Here is a plastic flamingo finger puppet that came in a set  - perfect as not only cupcake toppers but serves as fun party favors as well.

Using bright green cupcake wrappers (they are placed over the cupcake liner) and top white frosting with green sugar or brown crumbled graham crackers for "sand."

 Place a party parasol in the cupcake as the "beach umbrella."

Beach Ball Cake

Here is a simple way to make a two layer round cake into a beach ball cake.

Frost the cake with different colors and use a white frosting to make the lines of the beach ball.

Put the center of the beach ball off to the side.

This beach ball cake picture is compliments of from

Throwing a kids beach party is easy with a little preparation and planning. Build excitement with fun invites and remind guests of happy memories with beach fun party favors.

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