Pool Party Food

What's a pool party without pool party food? My cooking style is simple, colorful, fresh, and make ahead so that when the guests come you won't find me in the kitchen!

pool party food

Keep It Cold

Pool party food needs to be fun, easy to make and good tasting! We like to entertain and have people over - sometimes elaborate plan ahead parties and some just spur of the moment.

pool party food ideas

I have found lots of helpful ways to keep food cold on hot summer days. One is this inflatable tray filled with ice. Place drinks, appetizers, cold salads or desserts on it and when the party is over simply drain the water by opening up the drain plug. We got this one from Amazon that measures 51 1/2"L x 24 1/2"W x 5"D.

It is so inexpensive - less than $10 and this one has a drain plug to drain all of the melted ice. 

Inflatable Serving Bar With Drain Plug

Pool Party Food Appetizers

cold appetizer recipes

Serve summer appetizers that are cold, fresh tasting and easy to make.

Consider buying specialty crackers with aged cheeses, or serving humas and pita chips, or a plate of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Your plate needs to look colorful which is easy to do in the summer. I don't like spending lots of time in the kitchen so for some easy, tasty ideas click here:

Cold Appetizer Recipes

Beverages and Lots of Cold Water

pool party food and drinks

I love this acrylic insulated water pitcher because it keeps the water cold and it has an insert in the middle where you can put slices of lemon or lime for a refreshing glass of cold water.  It is BPA Free acrylic and needs to be hand washed. 

It comes out for all of our pool parties.  Other ideas for infused flavor is to use cucumbers or fresh berries.

Prodyn Infusion Acrylic Pitcher

Rolling Beverage Cooler

This stainless steel beverage cooler with wheels can be moved easily to any part of the patio or pool area - 2 of the casters are locking so it doesn't roll or move.

A drainage plug makes it easy to drain melted ice and a handy bottle cap opener (and cap catcher) is located on the side of the cooler.

Keep the lid closed on hot days so the ice doesn't melt.  So much nicer than bending down and fishing out a drink from an old plastic cooler on the ground.

An extra bottom shelf is a great place to place some extra paper goods, drinks or other party items.

Some people leave it out year round.   A high quality serving item that not only looks great but is a functional way to keep and serve your beverages or cold food items.

Trinity Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler with Bottom Shelf for Additional Storage

Beverage Bucket

Quit using the old cooler and start using something a bit more classy - like a beverage bucket to serve your drinks.

From square shaped see through acrylic to hammered metal to insulated fabric there are a variety of designs to match your entertainment style.

Check them out here:

Beverage Buckets

Cold Salad Recipes

pool party food

Looking to serve salad as a side or as a main dish on a warm summer evening? We often make a cold wild rice salad that makes a great side salad or add some chicken and you have a main dish.

It can be made ahead of time so that you can just pull it out of the fridge when it's time to eat.

For some cold salad recipes click here:

Cold Salad Recipes

Cold Dessert Recipes

pool party food

Cold dessert recipes can finish off a nice meal by the pool or it can be the "main event."

Some of our gatherings by the pool are later in the evening so a special dessert becomes the focus.

My favorites are anything with chocolate in it, but you can find some great recipes for frozen yogurt pies, ice cream desserts, cold pudding trifles and more by clicking here:

Cold Dessert Recipes

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

pool party food

We love making and serving fruit smoothies in the summer. It is a favorite pool party food for kids and adults.

As a registered nurse, we try to make our smoothies healthy as well as good tasting.

So normally, I don't use ice or fruit juices. Instead I use all frozen fruit, (organic fruit when possible), yogurt, and for the liquid organic milk, almond milk or organic soy milk.

These fruit smoothies taste great and are good for you too!

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

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