Adult Pool Party

An adult pool party can be every bit as fun as one for kids. The most fun is when we have guests who enjoy being in the pool as much as we do.

But, we've also had some gala affairs and birthday BBQ's with tables set up all around the pool.

Pool Party Themes

Pool party themes are not just for kids. We've hosted many adult pool parties with themes - like a beach party, flip flop party and a Hawaiian or Luau theme.

Having a theme makes planning easier - from the invitations to the pool party decorations.

A theme also adds to a more festive atmosphere and for opportunities to to be more creative with games, food and party favors.

Pool Party Themes

Garden Party Ideas

Looking for an idea for a pool party theme?

A summer garden party makes for a great pool party theme, especially if your landscaping includes lots of colorful perennials or annuals.

Our neighborhood ladies loved the perennial exchange and the colorful bouquets of hydrangeas that adorned the party tables.

Here are some garden party ideas and tips for hosting your own garden party. Garden Party Ideas

Big Girls Pool Party
Let's Flamingle

Get out the pink - fuschia pink that is and have fun with this flamingo themed girls pool party.

Pink watermelon coolers, pink beach balls, flamingo straws, foam glasses, and flamingo floats made for lots of fun as this group of friends got together to flamingle.

Big Girls Pool Party

Adult Pool Party Invitations

Adult pool party invitations set the tone and theme for your party.

Many of our party invites are made simply by phone or by sending an e-mail.

The website I have used most to send out free, fun e-vites is

But there are times and events where you will want to select and send out invitations - such as a birthday party event, a 4th of July Pool Party, or a neighborhood get together.

The invitation needs to match the tone of the party - is it a more formal event with dinner and candle lights or a relaxed, casual theme asking everyone to wear their favorite flip flops.

It also needs to match the gender of those invited - I've had parties out by the pool with just girl friends. Everything, including the invitations were pink and green. Pool Party Invitations

Adult Pool Party Games

Adult pool party games can be in or out of the pool. For those who enjoy getting wet, a simple form of entertainment is pool volleyball or, in our case, we love to play pool badminton.

We set up a volleyball net across the shallow end of the pool and buy a badmitton set. Usually we buy an inexpensive set since it usually only lasts a season since we get the rackets wet.

Four people (two on each team) can play at a time and we rotate out the two who have lost the last game.

A limbo game is great to play out by the pool. Put on some limbo music and start the fun. Everyone takes a turn going under the limbo stick without touching it - if he does, he is out. Keep playing until there is only one person left who should be rewarded with a grand prize.

Pool Party Games

Swimming Pool Chairs

The best swimming pool floats for adults are swimming pool chairs with a beverage holder.

Of course you need more than one - we always have two of them.

While lying flat on an air mattress is good for relaxing, it's not great for catching up with the other guests.

A pool chair float makes it easier to have a conversation with another adult.

Swimming Pool Chairs

Pool Decorations

Whether you use fun floats or lighted pool fountains, pool decorations can set the tone for a fun party time.

1. Start at the pool gate,

2. Add floats to the pool and

3. Decorate the the party tables with a coordinated color scheme.

Pool Decorations

Frozen Alcohol Drinks

Frozen alcohol drinks with a tropical theme like a pina colada topped with a fresh slice of pineapple or strawberry makes for a refreshing beverage.

Many of these drinks can be made without the alcohol for a frozen virgin drink.

For more ideas and recipes for frozen mixed drinks click here:

Frozen Alcohol Drinks

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