Cool Pool Floats for Adults

Cool pool floats for adults get your guests off the patio chairs and into the pool. The floats can fit a pool party theme, like a flamingo girl's pool party, or a watermelon swim ring for a refreshing watermelon theme.

cool pool floats for adults

Beat the heat and catch up with friends in your refreshing pool by providing lots of cool pool floats.

cool pool floats for adults

Animal Pool Floats for Adults

Animal pool floats for adults just seem to attract guests.  Who can resist trying to ride this cute flamingo.

large pool floats for adults

There is just something fun loving about these pool floats that just draws people to them to enjoy some time in the pool and to cool off in the water.

cool pool floats for adults

Whether it's a flamingo, a swan or a unicorn add some fun to your adult pool party with animal pool floats.

2 Person Pool Float
Intex Pool Float with Canopy

One of our favorite pool floats for adults is the Intex pool float with a canopy.  It's made of a heavy duty durable vinyl that will give you lots of pool, lake or river time without deflating.

swimming pool floats for adults

There is plenty of space for two people and the canopy can be easily adjusted up or down or can be completely detached.  There are two cup holders which come in handy, but are quite a reach.  

swimming pool floats for adults

Use it alone for a shady retreat for a nap or for reading your favorite novel.  A mesh panel in the back allows for air flow so that the heat doesn't get trapped inside the canopy area.

Canopy Island 2 Person Pool Float
swimming pool floats for adults

Large Pool Floats for Adults

Don't you love the variety of large pool floats for adults - from animal pool floats for adults to food pool floats like this watermelon pool float. 

large pool floats for adults

Many of these inflatable pool floats for adults are large enough for two people. 

Doughnut Pool Float

Everyone loves inflatable swim rings and they are not just plain ones anymore, they've become much more creative like this doughnut pool float.

cool pool floats for adults

Other food themed pool floats for adults include pizza slices, French fries, ice cream cones, or cheeseburgers. 

Hawaiian Pool Floats for Adults

Or if you have a Hawaiian or Luau themed pool party provide pineapple shaped swim rings for your guests.

cool pool floats for adults

Themed pool floats are the perfect floating pool decorations for your party. 

Watermelon Pool Floats for Adults

Give your adult pool party a watermelon theme.  Use watermelon floats as pool decorations for when your guests arrive.

cool pool floats for adults

And you'll find these fun pool floats will get your guests into the water for some fun relaxation and conversations. 

Serve cold watermelon drinks and of course fresh watermelon.

Unsinkable Pool Floats for Adults

Have you ever come home from work all excited about relaxing in the pool only to find that your inflatable lounge float is no longer inflated? Don't be disappointed any more. 

Get a float that doesn't require any air.

pool chaise lounge float

Made with double thick layers of soft vinyl-coated foam and internal steel frame for long-lasting durability, this pool chaise lounge is adjustable from lying flat to sitting up like a chair.  Two beverage holders and wide arm rests make it the perfect lounge float for some quiet time of relaxation. 

TRC Recreation Super Soft Pool Chaise Lounge Float Adjustable with 2 Armrest Cup Holders

A pool chaise lounge float offers the perfect float for relaxing.  

pool floats for adults

There is no need to blow up these pool floats to enjoy them or to deflate them for storage. They won't sink, absorb water or lose air because of holes or tears.

Because they are so durable they will last for many years and do not need to be replaced. What makes these floats so comfortable is that instead of sticky plastic, they are made of soft fabric and are filled with tiny foam beads that support your head, neck and knees. 

pool floats for adults

It's easy to get comfortable as the beads move and adjust to your body shape. The stain and fade resistant fabric is soft and the float drains quickly and dries easily.  Initially a more expensive investment, but will provide you with many years of relaxing comfort.

Big Joe Mesh Fabric Kona Pool Float

Simple Inflatable Swim Rings

Your adult pool floats can be as simple as swim rings- like these patriotic swim rings we use for our adult 4th of July pool party. 

swimming pool floats for adults

Our guests enjoy hangin' out in the pool resting in a swim ring, getting out of the heat, cooling off in the pool and catching up on the latest events that are going on their families. Be sure to get several or even one for each guest of these inexpensive pool floats. 

The next time you gather your friends and family for a pool party provide them with some cool pool floats for adults to draw them into the pool, get them out of the heat, and to provide a festive fun atmosphere. 

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