Swimming Pool Toys

Swimming pool toys are for all ages, including adults. They can keep your kids and guests entertained and in the pool on hot summer days.

From floating mermaid tails to ride-on sharks, there is a pool toy to delight everyone.

swimming pool toys

Cool Pool Toys

There are some cool pool toys that you may never have seen before.

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swimming pool toys and floats

A fun find one summer at Leslie's Pool Supplies was an inflatable octopus. He entertained kids of all ages.

Our grandchildren also love swimming through weighted  hoops that sit on the bottom of the pool.

We drop a couple of brightly colored plastic necklaces after the last hoop for a special treasure find.

Find out if these toys will be a good fit for fun at your pool:

Cool Pool Toys

Floating Swimming Pool Toys

From floating dolphins, sharks and alligators to jungle animal beach balls, floating pool toys appeal to all ages.

floating pool toys

Use them as pool party decorations, party favors or as props for swimming pool games and relays.

We have had beach balls of all themes - such as pirate beach balls and wild animal beach balls to fish beach balls.

Have them floating in the pool when the guests arrive.

Kids Pool Toys

I don't know who has more fun - the kids or the adults with our kids pool toys.

Kids make a great excuse to have some fun toys ready to go at your pool.

kids pool toys

Whether they ice cream cone inflatables, beach balls, or donut swim rings, there is something for every age and interest.

The right toys not only provide fun at the pool, they can be very motivating to help kids learn to swim under water, get their heads wet or get excited to swim across the pool.

Kids Pool Toys

Inflatable Pool Toys

Inflatable pool toys, like these inflatable dinosaurs and ice cream cones provided lots of pool entertainment to our grands this summer. 

inflatable pool toys

As did this inflatable swimming pool slide which became the center of attraction with kids of all ages sliding down the slide into the pool.

inflatable pool toys

Inflatable pool toys provide hours of creative fun and entertainment and add a freshness to pool fun and swimming pool games for kids of all ages.

We try to have a fun pool float that corresponds to any pool party we are hosting - like an octopus for an Under the Sea Pool Party, a ride on shark for a Shark Pool Party, or inflatable swim rings shaped like tires for a Cars Themed Pool Party.

kids pool toys

The most inexpensive, accessible, and easy to find of all the inflatable pool toys is the inflatable swim ring.

Our granddaughter's favorite pool toy last summer was an inflatable frog ring. She wore it and played with it every time she was at our pool. 

Be sure to get the kind that splits in the back - that's what made it so easy for her to use and take it off herself.

 Inflatable Pool Toys

Pool Dive Toys

Of all our swimming pool toys, pool dive toys are the ones that kids seem to enjoy the most. 

pool dive toys

From swim through dive rings to Spiderman dive sticks, dive toys are a great way to get kids to enjoy going underwater, to gain confidence and enhance their swimming ability. 

Baby Pool Toys and Floats

Baby pool toys include baby floats and toys that entertain and keep them (and the parents) happy for more than just a couple of minutes.

baby pool toys

Floats with shade and toys that squeak and squirt keep kids happy and protected.

Find out what has worked to keep our babies enjoying the water.

To get some ideas click here: Baby Pool Toys

Swimming Pool Noodles

Whoever invented swimming pool noodles came up with one of the most basic of all pool toys.

swimming pool noodles

A lot of fun for a small investment - we get a couple of new ones from our local dollar store every spring. After one season they need to be replaced - but who cares at a dollar a piece.

This swimming pool toy appeals to all ages - kids and adults love sitting on them and using them as floats.

They are great to have for pool games as well.

Swimming Pool Toy Storage

OK - it's great to have all these fun toys for your pool, but where are you going to put them all when the day is done?

swimming pool toy storage tips

You want a place that will keep your pool area looking tidy, but easily accessible when it's time to swim.  

To find out about some different ideas for outdoor pool toy storage go to:

Pool Toy Storage

Keep the fun going with age appropriate and new swimming pool toys to make your swimming pool the draw for your family and friends. 

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