Summer Skin Care Tips for Swimmers and Sunbathers

Start using these summer skin care tips to help protect your skin from UV damage and the drying effects from chlorine exposure. You know all too well that taught dry skin feeling that leaves your skin itching, peeling, and flaking from too much time in the sun or in the pool. You can keep your skin looking smooth, hydrated and glowing with these tips for healthier skin.

summer skin care tips

Summer Skin Care Tips for Sunscreen

Sunscreen can serve your skin in several ways.  It can help prevent wrinkles, sun damage, and skin cancer.  For sunscreen to be effective how much you apply and how often you apply it will help to give your skin the most protection. Find a sunscreen that can also moisturize and feed your skin with free radical fighting antioxidants. You don't want sunscreen that has ingredients that can contribute to your toxic load

summer skin care tips

Two important items to consider when it comes to sunscreen are:

1. How to Select the Best Sunscreen Lotion that's effective yet uses safer ingredients that don't contribute to allergies, hormone problems or tumor growth. 

2. How to Apply your Sunscreen so that your skin stays protected all day at the pool

Find out if sprays are a safe option, are higher SPF numbers better, or is there a sunscreen that will actually moisturize and protect.

The Importance of Sunscreen

Face Sun Protection

Face sun protection means less wrinkles in your future and a reduced chance of skin cancer.

face sun protection

Get tips on:

how you can protect the fragile skin around your eyes,

what to look for in a face sunscreen,

and other strategies for minimizing your UV exposure. 

Face Sun Protection

Summer Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin 

Dry skin on your face, legs, arms and hands is hard to avoid when you spend time in the sun or in a swimming pool with chlorine. 

summer skin care tips for swimmers and sunbathers

It takes some consistent effort to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and glowing.  Learn how you can lessen the effects of chlorine and UV damage so that you skin stays radiant with a healthy glow all summer long with some of these pre and post swim tips:

Dry Skin Care Tips for Swimmers and Sunbathers

Summer Skin Care Tips for Hair 

Your skin isn't the only recipient of damage from the sun and chlorine. Chlorine does damage to your hair and scalp just like your skin, that can leave hair sometimes a different color, but almost always with dry hair along with an itchy scalp. 

chlorine removal shampoo

If you don't like the idea of wearing a swim cap, you can minimize the effects of chlorine on your hair and scalp so it stays healthy, hydrated, and shiny.  

Click on the link to find out how to reduce the amount of chlorine that's absorbed by your hair strands and how you can break the chlorine bonds that attach to your hair to prevent chlorine damaged hair:

Chlorine Removal Shampoo

Begin your summer by protecting your skin with safer sunscreen, minimizing your skin exposure to chlorine, and hydrating your skin with deeply hydrating moisturizers.

By establishing some consistent routines before getting in the pool and after getting out of the pool you can prevent dry itchy skin and scalp and keep your hair looking fresh and hydrated. 

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