Swimming Pool Decorations

Swimming pool decorations like pool fountains, flamingo floats or floating pool lights bring extra pizazz to your pool fun.

swimming pool decorations

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Floating Swimming Pool Decorations

An easy and inexpensive way to decorate for a pool party is to use floating pool toys, fun pool floats or beach balls.

swimming pool decorations

Our floating flamingos look so happy skimming across our pool. 

floating pool decorations

Another idea is to use beach balls floating in the pool for a beach party theme or flip flop floats for a neighborhood luau party.

For more fun ideas and pictures visit:

Floating Pool Decorations

Swimming Pool Fountains

If you enjoy the pleasant sound of water splashing and the refreshing view of a fountain, then you will love this swimming pool fountain. We've had this one for over a year and love to use it for daytime and evening parties.

swimming pool decorations

It provides a cool and relaxing atmosphere whether you are enjoying some time alone or entertaining friends or family.

There are different types of pool fountains. Some float out in the middle of the pool connected by a tube to one of the returns.

Others attach to the side and provide a cascading fall of water.

If you would like one that provides light as well consider a LED lighted pool fountain.

Swimming Pool Fountains

Floating Pool Lights

Swimming pool decorations are for when the sun goes down as well. An evening by the pool takes on a new ambience with floating pool lights.

floating pool decorations

If you like the simplicity of solar, there are lights that come on automatically when the sun goes down.  These lights include a loop on the bottom so that we could tie a weight to them to keep the floating lights from bunching up.

To find out more about lighting up your pool at night click here:

Floating Pool Lights

Yard Art for Swimming Pool Decorations

Doesn't this flamingo yard art look right at home in this garden by our pool?  Use yard art for pool decorations. 

swimming pool decorations

Pool party or swimming pool decorations becomes easy if you set a theme to your pool party - such as a Flip Flop Party, Beach Party or a Luau.

swimming pool decorations

Use a consistent color theme to tie the event together - from the invites, to the table setting and paper goods.

For our flamingo pool party we placed pink flamingos on the path to the pool and around the pool perimeter. 

Inflatable Swimming Pool Decorations

Inflatable Swimming Pool Decorations add fun to the party and can be used later for pool games - like this inflatable surf board.

pool party decoration ideas

Or this huge inflatable beach ball sprinkler ...

pool party decoration ideas

Get creative with your pool party theme and use inflatable giraffes for a jungle themed pool party or inflatable dolphins for a dolphin pool party

Outdoor Paper Lanterns

Hanging paper lanterns are one of my favorite pool decorations. You get lots of pops of color and they can be hung in a variety of places.

pool party decorations

These easy inexpensive decorations bring a festive, party feel for your swimming pool parties - day or night.  Having used lots of paper lanterns that have been destroyed by drizzle, downpours or just plain high humidity, I now buy outdoor paper lanterns made of nylon.  

They are just a little more expensive, but what I like about them is ....

1.  You can hang them up ahead of time and it doesn't matter if the forecast is rain

2.  You can leave them up if you want to

3.  They are reusable

The same variety of sizes are available from 10" to 30".  Of course the larger the more expensive.  These pink and lime green hanging paper lanterns were used for decorations for our Flamingle Pool Party.

pool party decorations

We use them for all of our pool parties.  When you decide on the color scheme of the party duplicate the color scheme in your pool party invitations, paper goods and decorations.

Hang colorful nylon paper lanterns on your patio umbrella ribs, in trees near the party area or on shepherd hooks.  String them across the food area, hang them near the pool gate on shepherd's hooks or from your umbrella ribs.  Durable nylon means you can use them over and over and if it's damp, misting or even starts to rain they will not be ruined. 

pool party decorations

Lighted nylon lanterns come with a bright LED light.  Set them out in the sun so the solar panel gets charged up. The on-off switch is on the bottom.  What's great about these lighted lanterns is that they can also sit on a flat surface .  Use them in your centerpiece or set them on a pillar or ledge for added light. 

swimming pool decorations

Swimming pool decorations give that extra pizzaz to your backyard oasis whether it's solar floating pool lights or colorful floating flamingos. 

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