Girl's Pool Party
Pool Party Ideas for Fun, Floats and Food

A high school reunion and a milestone birthday prompted this Girls Pool Party. 

girls pool party

Friends flew in from California, Colorado and Wisconsin for a weekend of "flamingling" mostly in and around the pool. 

girls pool party

Let's Flamingle

I found these cute pink and green invites at Etsy which set the theme and colors for our girls pool party.

girls pool party

Fushcia pink and lime green colors were repeated in the party table, pool decor and party bags.

Girls Pool Party Supplies

Place a large pink pool float on the pool gate to greet your girlfriends.

girls pool party ideas

As the guests arrived they donned their foam flamingo glasses and hot pink flower leis and the weekend of fun began.

girls pool party

Girls Pool Party Decorations

A friend of mine donated her 20 pink plastic flamingos.  The flamingos greeted guests in the driveway, along the side walk, and by the pool steps. I loved how they watched over us in the pool. 

girls pool party
Pink Flamingo Lawn Decor and Yard Ornaments

A colorful flamingo flag - with the design on both sides, greeted guests by the pool gate.

girls pool party

Flamingo Inflatables

Set out several pink inflatable flamingos - by the pool, the party table, steps, or pool entrance.  These are nice and large - 28".  I love to decorate with inflatables since they can get wet and when they end up in the pool - which they often do - it just adds to the fun.

28" Inflatable Pink Flamingo

Flamingle Drinks

Flamingo Straws and tropical wine charms added a festive touch to the watermelon cooler drink.

I juiced a whole water melon in my Vitamix and then froze it.  Just put a big scoop of frozen watermelon in each glass, poured in some Sprite and for those who wanted it a bit of lime liquer. So refreshing!

girls pool party

Girls Pool Party Table

I loved the colors in this tropical umbrella tablecloth. It fit with our fun theme and color scheme.  There is a hole that accommodates the umbrella pole and it has velco strips to close it.  The party favor bags are used as centerpieces.

girls pool party

I now only use nylon lanterns, rather than paper lanterns.  They don't wilt in the humidity and water won't hurt them.  For five days we kept these pink and lime green lanterns up and they still looked great - ready for the next party.

pool party decoration ideas
I purchased 14" Hot Pink Nylon Lantern and 14" Apple Green Nylon Lanterns.

The 14" size was just right for 4 of them strung up and around the ribs of the umbrella.

Pink Drink Coasters

Everyone got their own pink flamingo coaster.  They kept drinks a bit cooler and although they float - I wouldn't count on them not tipping.

Ask me how I know :)  But they sure looked cute on the table.

hawaiian party ideas
Inflatable Floating Flamingo Drink Holder 12 Pack Swimming Pool Float Coasters

Girls Pool Party Floats

Who could resist this flamingo float?  I couldn't.   The floats were bought at Publix at the end of summer. 

girls pool party
This float is even better than the one I bought because of the deep pink vibrant color and the fact that it inflates to over 4 feet.

Thick and durably vinyl, the flamingo head stands high - 5 feet actually.  So if you want an instant pool decoration float this is the one.

BigMouth Inc Pink Flamingo Pool Float, inflates to over 4ft. wide

This surf board shaped float designed with flamingos and flowers is a fun addition to your girls pool party.

girls pool party

Use it for your pool party decor or as a fun pool float.

Let's Talk with Floating Pool Chairs

Floating chairs like this one meant that the chatter didn't stop when we got into the pool.  I bought several of them from Amazon (we took them to the ocean as floats and loved using them there too). 

Floating Chair with Arm and Headrest

Pink or Flamingo Beach Balls

For pool party decorations using flamingo hot pink beach balls. I found pink beach balls at the Dollar Store in the beginning of summer.
girls pool party

Girls Pool Party Favors

Everyone received a gift of an insulated tumbler with a straw in their party bag.  With each design being unique everyone knew which glass was theirs for the weekend.  It is a nice size - 24 oz - keeps drinks cold  without sweating.

pool party birthday favors

Lime green party bags are adorned with some pink toulle and flamingos. The flamingos are actually centerpieces and I just cut off the honeycomb portion. I found them at Birthday Direct.

girls pool party

Pink Flamingo Cupcakes

OK, not pink but rather fuchsia cupcake wrappers topped by pink flamingo finger puppets ended our meal - but not our fun.  Running out of time, I ordered the cupcakes from Publix - white cake and white frosting.  Can I tell you they were the best cupcakes!  So moist, light and fluffy and the frosting was tasty - just right not too sweet.  Embellish with some colorful sprinkles and display them in a cupcake tower.

girls pool party

Remember these are cupcake wrappers that go over the cupcake liners which fade when you bake them.

So if you are planning a girls pool party find out how much fun it is to flamingle with your girl friends with this pool party theme.

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