Swimming Pool Floats

Swimming pool floats provide relaxation and add fun to party games and activities. There are different floats for different purposes.

swimming pool floats

Some floats keep you high and dry so you can read and enjoy a book while others keep you low and cool, immersed in some refreshing water. There are pool floats for all ages and preferences - baby pool floats, kid size pool floats and swimming pool lounge floats for the adults.

Cool Swimming Pool Floats for Adults

Whether you enjoy relaxing alone in your pool or enjoy the company of others, find an adult pool float that helps you cool off and unwind or one that will be sure to add some fun to your adult pool party.

cool pool floats for adults

Get your adult guests off the deck and into the pool with fun pool floats for adults.

Pool Floats for Adults

Large Inflatable Swim Rings

Large inflatable swim rings are a great way to relax or catch up with friends in the pool.

large inflatable swim rings

Hammock Pool Float

Two inflatable tubes - one at each end - make a hammock pool float a comfortable resting place in any pool. 

hammock pool float

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The larger top tube supports the neck and the bottom one fits under the knees to support the back.  It measures 52" x 26".   Deflate the two tubes and roll it up so it can go with you to the pool, the lake or the ocean or conveniently store it.  Inflates in seconds with a couple of quick puffs. 

AIRHEAD Designer Series Water Hammock

Inflatable Lounge Swimming Pool Floats

For those days when you want a quiet, relaxing moment to enjoy your pool, a swimming pool lounge float provides the perfect escape.

pool float lounger

There are many styles to choose from - stay high and dry with a thick pool air mattress or sit low and cool with a mesh bottom. To see all your options ...

Inflatable Pool Floats

Pool Lounge Floats

From inflatable to unsinkable, pool lounge floats provide the perfect oasis for enjoying and relaxing in the pool. 

pool lounge floats

Features to look for are durability, mesh or solid bottom, beverage holders and storability. 

Pool Lounge Floats

Floating Pool Chair

Instead of lying down, what about sitting up in a floating pool chair?

floating pool chair

It's a great way to keep cool and comfortable. You can also see (or monitor) the action better in the pool or have a conversation with another person.

It's even possible to read a magazine or book, if you don't mind that it may get wet.

To see the different kinds of floating pool chairs click here:

Floating Pool Chairs

Swimways Spring Swimming Pool Floats

The spring pool float is fast becoming the pool lounge float of choice - want to know why?

swimways spring float

It is quick and easy to set up. Just a few puffs of air to inflate it and you are ready to go.

When it's time to put it away - again easy to deflate and fold up. For storage, there is nothing better.

Here are some good reasons to get a spring float:

1. It is much easier to deflate and store in a smaller space (whether by your pool, your car trunk or a suitcase)

2. The mesh bottom keeps part of your body in the water so you can stay cool

3. Durable - less apt to develop a tear or hole.

To see some spring pool float options click here:

Spring Pool Floats

Fun Swimming Pool Floats

fun swimming pool floats

Fun pool floats, like Ms. Peacock make an appearance every summer at our pool and in the ocean. She loves kids and enjoys taking them for a ride.  Inspite of her popularity she continues to welcome "riders" without any deflating. 

Swimline Giant Peacock Fun Pool Float

Kids Swimming Pool Floats

pool floats for kids

From dolphins to turtles to swans, there are lots of fun pool float toys for all day entertainment.  Many of them have grab handles and/or stabilizers for less tipping .... that is if there aren't any siblings around. 

Kids Swimming Pool Floats

Foam Swimming Pool Floats

If you are looking for unsinkable swimming pool floats - then a float made out of foam is the way to go.  A foam pool float comes in many different styles, shapes and prices. These swimming pool lounge floats cost much more than other floats but they never sink, they last longer and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

foam pool float

This float is made out of foam with a vinyl coating so that it doesn't crack or peel.

These swimming pool lounge floats most often have a built-in headrest also made of soft foam. You never need to blow anything up or deflate it when you are ready to go. The vinyl coating keeps your floats mildew-free. If you are looking for a really durable float - lasting 10 years or more this one is for your.

No leaking air or anything to deflate. These floats are more durable and long lasting than inflatable pool floats made out of plastic.

Foam floats come in lots of shapes and styles from pool lounge floats made out of soft foam to floating pool chairs made out of foam noodles.

These floats come in different thicknesses - with the lightest one at 1 1/4" thick for a light weight person to a full 3" thick for a heavier person. However, you do pay more for a foam pool mattress and the thicker the foam the higher the price.

But if you are tired of replacing your inflatable pool floats every summer this type of lounge float is very durable, never develops a leak and doesn't sink. Go to Amazon for this light weight thinner pool float:

Ultra Sunsation Pool Float in Bronze by Texas Recreation

Baby Swimming Pool Floats

Baby pool floats are a great way to enjoy being in the pool with your infant or young toddler. They love being able to kick their feet in the water.

baby floating in a spring float

Find a float that offers protection from the sun and be sure to have a couple of fun plastic bath toys to keep your baby entertained.

Find out which baby pool floats we and our babies like the best:

Baby Pool Floats

Fabric Pool Floats

Fabric covered pool floats have a much softer feel than sticky vinyl. 

fabric covered pool floats

It's easy to get comfortable as the beads move and adjust to your body shape. The stain and fade resistant fabric is soft and the float drains easily and it dries quickly.  

Initially a more expensive investment, but a fabric pool float will provide you with many years of relaxing comfort.

It's the perfect float for those of you who aren't fond of sticky plastic. Once you try a fabric covered pool, you will never go back.

Looking to relax and enjoy some sunshine? This float provides the ultimate comfort.

Fabric Covered Pool Floats

Air Pump for Swimming Pool Floats

An air pump for pool floats make inflating your floats a simple task. 

air pump for pool floats

A simple hand air pump for pool floats works great to blow up your pool floats and inflatables.  This is the guy we use and it's portable and quick.

Swimming pool floats turn your backyard pool into a quiet relaxing oasis on a pool lounge float or give your pool party a fun atmosphere getting your guests off the pool deck and into the water. 

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