Pool Lounge Float

A pool lounge float, also known as a pool float lounger or inflatable pool lounge, provides the perfect "get a way" to relaxing and enjoying your backyard retreat. 

pool lounge float

While we love to entertain friends and family at the backyard swimming pool, we also enjoy our alone time relaxing in a lounge float with a good book and a cold beverage.  Find one that allows you the option to recline or to sit up while enjoying a summer breeze, a good book and a cold drink. 

pool float lounge chair

Pool lounge floats come in various shapes, materials, sizes, and designs, offering different features and levels of comfort. Some common types include ...

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Two Person Pool Lounge Float

Want to share some pool time with a friend? Would you like some shade to keep the bright sun off your face? 

Intex Pool Lounge Float

Then this 2 person pool float is the one for you. The shade canopy can be easily removed if you prefer getting some rays. It's a heavy duty durable float that in our case kept it's air all summer. 

swimming pool floats for adults

Your pool is a great place to retreat to to enjoy some quiet time by yourself in your back yard oasis with a good book and a cold drink for your own "staycation."

Canopy Island 2 Person Pool Float

Classic Cheap Pool Lounge Float

These are simple, vinyl rectangular shaped inflatable floats that allow you to lie down for a short nap or to just close your eyes and relax.  An inflatable  headrest gives added comfort and support for your head. 

cheap pool lounge float

Hammock Pool Floats

A hammock pool float is designed like a hammock, with a mesh or fabric seat suspended between two inflatable ends. You can keep cool on a hot day because your are partially submerged in water while being supported for the ultimate cool relaxation experience.

hammock pool floats

Inflatable Pool Lounge Float

An Intex Pool Lounge Float like this one has you sitting upright and relaxing above the water so you don't get wet. Put your feet up and enjoy a cold drink thanks to the arm rest beverage holders.

inflatable pool lounge

This sturdy and durable inflatable float provides super support and keeps you high and dry if you want to float above the water. This popular float at our pool is on a first come first serve basis which means I need to wait til guests are gone to get my turn. 

Novelty Giant Pool Float

These cool pool floats come in fun and whimsical shapes, such as swans, flamingos, unicorns or pizza and are large enough to lounge on if your are looking for some "chillaxing" time.

cool pool floats for adults

They definitely are calling your name to come into the pool for some pool fun.

Foam Luxury Pool Lounge Float

Grab your favorite beverage and book and enjoy some "me" time in the pool with a reclining pool float. 

pool lounge float

Using soft vinyl-coated foam and internal steel frame for long-lasting durability, this pool chaise lounge is adjustable from lying flat to sitting up like a chair.  Two beverage holders and wide arm rests make it the perfect lounge float for some quiet time of relaxation. Since this float is not inflatable you don't need to worry about air leaks and can count on it waiting for you fully ready to go when you are ready to relax. 

TRC Recreation Super Soft Pool Chaise Lounge Float Adjustable with 2 Armrest Cup Holders

Inflatable Pool Lounge Float

You don't need to spend a ton of money to enjoy your happy spot.

pool float lounger

An inflatable pool lounge float with a head rest is the perfect place to put up your feet, cool off, close your eyes and take some time to de-stress. 

pool float lounger
Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults

Large Pool Mattress Float

There's plenty of room to spread out on a large pool mattress float. 

pool lounge float

Enjoy it by yourself or with a friend.  Lay down, relax and let your eyes close and your head rest on the inflated head support. 

Spring Swimways Pool Lounge Float

Compact and with a canopy this Swimways Spring pool lounge float has a mesh bottom and a shade canopy for keeping you cool on hot days. 

pool float with a mesh bottom
Swimways Spring Float with Canopy

When choosing a pool lounge float, consider the material, the cost, durability, weight capacity, ease of inflation/deflation, and any additional features you may prefer, such as cup holders, reclining options or shade canopies.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and proper use of the float, and remember to prioritize water safety at all times when using pool floats.

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