Butterfly Pool Party Ideas
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Looking for butterfly pool party ideas?  With colorful wings and foam butterfly visors, my girls were not quite flying, but surely fluttering around all afternoon.

pool party ideas for kids

Butterfly or Fairy Pool Party Supplies

Butterfly theme kids pool party ideas

This girl pool party theme starts with the invites and carries right through to the party bags. Choose a color combination and repeat it in the invites, paper goods, decorations and party bags.

A pink and lime green color scheme works well and provides lots of color to this party theme. 

Hang and make pink tissue paper flowers. Hang them from the patio table umbrella, tree branches or garden arbor.

Butterfly Pool Party Invitations

Butterfly theme kids pool party ideas
Let your kids help make butterfly invitations with a simple foam butterfly craft kd.

I bought a large box of stock paper and envelopes from Target that had a variety of colors.

I use them all the time for our pool party invites.

Print out the details of the party and then glue them to the backside using a glue stick.

Use fun wording like "Flutter over to the Miller's garden for Amy's birthday celebration."

I found lots of inexpensive gossamer butterflies at our local dollar store and Hobby Lobby.  

butterfly pool party decorations

Put them on low hanging tree branches and on shrubs that line the pathway to the party.

A beautiful pink and green linen tablecloth adds a great touch to the party table.

Butterfly theme kids pool party ideas

Duplicate your party colors in your party bags. I love these bright lime green bags. Attached a pink butterfly on the bag and one on the handle.

Insert vivid pink tissue paper and a couple of colorful, shimmering stems.

Use the party bags as your centerpiece. Just place them in a circle around your patio table umbrella pole or on

Rings, necklaces, and hair clips with butterflies on them went into the party bags along with temporary tattoos.

(As a registered nurse, I am not a fan of sugar so I keep candy out of the bags).

Butterfly Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Get lots of wings from your favorite dollar store. Hang them on the pool gate, tie them onto the patio umbrella pole or put one on the birthday girls' chair to make it special.

girls pool party

Set them out near the party area so that each guest can pick their own. Buy extras for decorating.

Besides lots of wings, use flower pinwheels to decorate around the party area.  The pinwheels twirled in the wind and added a great spot of color and decoration. I found mine at Hobby Lobby and snatched up a bunch of them at the end of the summer on clearance. 

Gossamer butterflies are found on tree branches, shrubs, and the party table.

girls pool party

Always start your butterfly decorations outside. The pool gate is adorned with butterfly wings and a cut-out foam body.

Tie wings with some colorful netting to the party chairs.  Use an assortment of colors.  We decided to do just one chair for the birthday girl.

girls pool party decoration ideas

I found these flower pinwheels at Hobby Lobby the end of the season and bought a whole bunch.  They were placed along the pathway leading to the pool area.  Attach a gossamer butterfly to the flowers.  They looked so cute and fun as the wind kept them spinning the whole afternoon.

pool party decoration ideas

More often than not, the party bags do double duty as centerpieces as our pool parties. They fit nicely around the patio umbrella pole.  Solid color bags with a foam butterfly glued onto it made this decoration inexpensive and simple to do.

Attach one of your extra  wings to the pole using a large twist tie.

pool party decoration ideas

Butterfly Pool Party Ideas for Party Bags

Use large foam butterfly shapes to decorate the party bags. 

butterfly birthday party supplies

Pink jewels are glued to the butterfly and then using a glue stick glue the foam shape onto a solid color party bag. 

Bright lime green tissue paper complemented the green. Pick a color combination for your party and repeat it in the paper goods, party supplies, invites and decorations.

I love the simplicity of the bag - affordable, easy to make, but colorful and appealing to the guests. 

kids pool party ideas
Other ideas for party favors are the plastic butterflies in a tube which I found at Target, lip gloss, stickers, and bracelets. The girls loved these rubber butterfly necklaces.

Provide wings at the beginning of the party. Let the girls wear them during the scavenger hunt, the Butterfly parade and of course pictures.

Take them off during swim time but let each girl take her pair of wings home with her.

Butterfly Pool Party Ideas for Cupcakes

A cake (or cupcake) decorator I am not, but that doesn't mean our butterfly cupcakes are anything but fun and creative.  These plastic toys were found at Target in the toy section. Besides, kids like cupcake toppers they can play with better than a beautifully frosted one.

kids pool party ideas
Use pink cupcake wrappers. They add great color. Most cupcake liners look good before the cupcakes are baked but the oil usually fades any color and design making them useless.
butterfly party ideas

Top the cupcakes with these tiny store bought butterflies.

Nylon Butterfly Decorations (36 pc)

The ones in the picture came in a large quantity from Amazon. Or use plastic toy ones.

For a warm outdoor party, I found that store bought frosting holds up better than homemade. It doesn't melt and stays more firm.  Duncan Hines is my favorite.

fairy birthday cake

For this butterfly birthday party, we used blue and green sparkling Easter grass on just about everything, including in and around the cupcake stand.

Sprinkle colored sugar on top for a decorative touch.

Butterfly Pool Party Ideas for Games and Fun

pool birthday party ideas

Before everybody hops into the pool start with a Butterfly Parade.

Provide each guest with a set of wings, a foam visor and a pinwheel flower or a wand. Our guests paraded to the song, "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" but another great song would be "Fly to My Heart" by Selena Gomez.

Thinking about our Butterfly Parade, scavenger hunt, and dive game for butterfly rings still brings a big smile to my face.

If you are looking for a girl pool party, this is a great one. Pool party games take on a whole new excitement and creativity when there is a theme. We didn't just dive for dive rings - instead butterfly toys fluttered to the bottom of the pool.

A scavenger hunt around the perimeter of the pool found some exciting treasures. 

pool birthday party ideas
These butterfly foam visors are well made and many girls wore them during the entire party time.. They stood up to lots of fun playing in and out of the pool.

Tattoo Station

Set up a tattoo station - have the girls find their tattoos first during the scavenger hunt. Have the girls bring their tattoos to the set up station which requires a bowl of water and a wash cloth.

butterfly party ideas

Let each one decide where to put the tattoos. Surprisingly they are pretty waterproof and stay on even through an afternoon in the pool.

You can get this same set of tattoos at Amazon with free shipping if you are a Prime Member. Use the extra tattoos for the party bags.

Kids Temporary Butterfly Tattoos - 72

Outside Scavenger Hunt

butterfly party ideas
Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. Place some little trinket, like these tattoos in a butterfly shaped container and hide them in the yard or around the pool.

Provide one container for each guest. Do this in the beginning of the party before everyone gets into the pool - it's hard to get them out later :)

Butterfly Pool Party Games for Kids

Dive Eggs with a Surprise

pool party games for kids
Where would we be without our yellow dive eggs for our pool party games. Just change up what is put inside and you have some motivated divers. Throw the eggs to a depth that is comfortable for your swimmers. What could be more perfect than these rubber butterfly rubber rings ?

One at a time have the kids dive to the bottom of the pool to get one egg. 

Each guest gets to keep the ring, but oh, no not the dive eggs.

Themed Pool Dive Toys

Instead of using regular dive rings or dive sticks, find pool dive toys to match the theme of your pool party. 

pool party games for kids

The girls loved diving for these butterfly toys that fluttered to the bottom of the pool

We just simply tossed them into the pool and gave each guest a turn to gather one or all of three of them in one breath.

Of course we didn't do it just once :)

I found these at K-Mart and now I see they can be bought at Amazon Butterfly Divers Dive Rings

Keep your guests in flight with these butterfly pool party ideas and build special memories of fun times at your pool.

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