Floating Pool Lights
Pool Party Lights for Evening Pool Fun

Floating pool lights come in an assortment of styles and lighting sources - from solar to battery operated LED lights.

floating solar pool lights

Floating lights set the mood for a great evening by the pool. You can use large round orbs for a more quiet and relaxed feeling or these colorful flamingo inflatables that light up as soon as the sun goes down. 

floating pool lights

The three main thing to keep in mind are:

Size of Lights

Small lights look good in a hot tub or bird bath but not in a big swimming pool.  Larger is better.  The smaller the lights the more you need for impact in a large area like a pool. The larger the lights the bigger the impact.  You can find these orbs range in size from 3" to 14".

floating solar pool lights

 Number of Lights

If you want to using floating lights for your pool, you can't just get 2-4 of them.  It will look inadequate.  A pool is just too big. You need LOTS of lights.  

How to Power Them

Your two options are solar powered or battery powered. The solar balls can run up to 6 hours on a single charge.  Battery powered ones are often rechargeable.

Crescent Moon Floating Pool Lights

A great addition to your pool party lights, are these 24" crescent shaped floating solar pool lights. The solar panel charges in the sun and the lights automatically come on at dusk, lasting up to 10 hours on a full charge. 

two crescent moon shaped floating pool lights

Before inflating the lights, press the button on the weighted base to turn them ON.  Give them several hours of direct sunlight to charge the solar panel, ideally 8 hours. 

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An enclosed remote allows you to cycle through 11 different colors and 3 different patterns giving you several options to find the lighting you enjoy most.  

These Crescent Moon Floating Solar Pool Lights are great for an evening pool party providing a nice glow and soothing atmosphere.

Swan Floating Solar Pool Lights

How fun are these swan floating solar pool lights?  We keep them in our pool during the day to get charged by the sun so they automatically come on in the evening. 

two solar swan floating pool lights in swimming pool

These swan floating solar pool lights are made of a heavy duty vinyl and come as a pack of 2. A weighted base keeps them regally upright as they effortlessly glide across your pool.

Flamingo Floating Pool Lights

What we love about our flamingo floating pool lights is that they look so fun and festive during the day AND at night. 

floating solar pool lights

Because they are solar powered, once you turn on the switch on the bottom they will automatically light up in the evening.  

They come as a set of 3 and are just about 18" wide. 

Flamingo floating solar pool lights

Flaming Pool Floats Turn to Floating Pool Lights

How about enjoying these flamingo pool floats with lights as daytime swimming pool floats and nighttime floating pool lights?

floating pool lights

These floats are large, at 42" and make a big pool party decor impact day and night. 

floating pool lights

The light are solar powered so they charge in the sun during the day and then at night they automatically come on and give a great glow.  Ours stay lighted for several hours but also get full sun during the day. 

Star Shaped Floating Pool Lights

Enjoy stars at night for your evening pool party - in the sky and in the pool with star solar floating pool lights.

Made of heavy duty vinyl the stars are often still glowing in the morning after a day of being charged in the sun. 

Floating Solar Pool Lights

We purchased a set of six 12" floating solar pool lights for evening pool party lights and pool decorations.

floating pool lights

What we like about this set are these two main features:

1. Choose Your Color and Choose Constant or Transition

By simply pressing the button on the bottom of the ball you can choose one of 4 solid colors of blue, green, red or white. You can also choose between the continuous mode to display the same solid color constantly or the transition mode that gradually changes from one color to the next.

solar floating pool lights

2.  Secure the Floating Pool Light with an "anchor."

Unlike other floating lights, this one has a loop located near the bottom of the ball.  Tie a clear line to it and something weighted, like a heavy nut. 

anchor your floating pool lights

Measure the line so that it's just a little more than the depth of the pool.  Lighted spheres or floats that aren't anchored will bunch up in one spot.

prevent your floating pool lights from bunching

 Floating pool lights may drift and bunch together if the pool pump is on. So run your pump before the pool party and turn it and your automatic pool cleaner off off just before the guests arrive.  

To make the biggest impact with these pool party lights, choose large spheres - 12" or larger.  Have at least 6 or more for this large space. Place them around the pool and anchor them to keep them in place.

Light up your evening pool party with these fun floating lights and see what beauty they bring to your swimming pool.

6-PK Floating Pool Lights, 12" Globes, 4 Color Settings, Solar LED Balls, Inflatable, Waterproof, Floatable, Hangable,

Solar Floating Pool Lights

We love our solar floating pool lights.  Keep them in direct sunlight and they automatically come on every evening. No batteries to charge or no switch to turn on or off make them easy and fun pool party lights.

floating pool lights

The color changing orbs go from a soft red, blue, green and white.   Made of soft vinyl, rather than hard plastic, simply inflate them them by blowing them up. 

floating pool lights

Use them to float in the water, play with them like a beach ball or use them as hanging solar lights.

floating and hanging solar lights

Simply inflate the balls and use them either as floating pool decorations or use them for pool fun at night as fun light up beach balls.

floating pool lights

Because these balls are inflatable they are easy to store and don't take up much room.

floating pool lights

A weighted bottom keeps these floating pool lights upright and stable.

Be sure your floating or hanging solar lights get 6-8 hours of bright sun. 

Esuper 4 Floating Pool Lights - 14" Solar Powered with 4 Color Changes

Rechargeable Floating Pool Lights

Choose between solar or rechargeable to light up this pool party light. With the included remote you can choose your color or lighting options.

floating pool lights

This guy is 8" across, made of hard plastic and has a flat bottom so that it floats nicely in the pool. 

If you prefer, you can stake the lighted sphere in the ground for fun pool party lights.

LOFTEK Solar Floating Pool Light, 8-inch 16 RGB Colors Dimming Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Light with Remote Control, Solar or USB Cable

Battery Powered Floating Pool Lights
Set of 12 - 3" Battery Orbs

This is a set of 12 3" orbs that features 7 colors to chose from or you can opt to have the balls transition through all of the colors.

You can use these light up orbs as floating pool lights or place them along the pathway to your outdoor party.  Two CR2 batteries are needed for each orb.  Make sure that the battery cover is snug before placing them in the water, and to have them last longer, turn off when not in use.  Do not leave them in the water when you are not using them as they may corrode.  Turn your pool pump off so they don't clump together.

Set Of 12 Light Up Orbs With Two 5-Packs Of Spare Replacement Batteries

Solar Floating Pool Lights - 12"

When it comes to lighting up your pool at night - size matters. The larger the better unless your pool is really small. That's why I love these 12" solar globes. They are of course waterproof so they can be used in the pool. The best part is that they have a little loop on the bottom to anchor these floating lights so that they don't all bunch up together. Another loop on top allows you to hang the solar lights from a tree branch or shepherds hook.

With four color settings you will find that these solar floating pool lights will set the atmosphere for an eventful evening pool party. If you like color - this one has it. There are settings for red, blue and green. Set the color you want by pressing a button.

Simply turn it off by holding the button. Another nice feature is that it automatically turns off after four hours.

6-PK Floating Pool Lights-12” Globes 4 Color Settings-Solar LED Balls-Inflatable-Waterproof-Floatable and Hangable

Add floating pool lights to your pool decor or for pool party lights that will have your guests wanting to know where you got them.

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