Floating Pool Decorations

Floating pool decorations are always a part of my pool parties. When your guests walk down the steps or around the corner surprise them with a colorful pool floats and swim rings or a large inflatable floating lizard, octopus, swan or shark in the swimming pool.

floating pool decorations

Giant Inflatable Swan

floating pool decorations

Two of our neighbors have this beautiful swan swimming in their pool all summer. It's really large at 75" long.

Made of durable vinyl it will hold up to 140 lbs. Easy to blow up and only takes 5-10 minutes to blow up with a cheap 120v air compressor.

Two adults or 3-4 small kids can fit on this float.  It will last for several seasons. Not only is this a great way to decorate your pool, it will add lots of fun for adults and kids.

Inflatable Giant Swan

Themed Beach Balls as Floating Pool Decorations

Use beach balls as floating pool decorations.  Choose from traditional beach balls to themed balls to solid colored ones.

floating pool decorations

For our granddaughter's Lion King party we had 12 jungle animal shaped beach balls floating in the pool when the guests arrived as pool party decorations.  The birthday girl got the lion beach ball and the other kids picked out their favorite jungle animal. Use the beach balls for pool party games and as take home favors.

Beach balls are a great way to get "water shy" kids into the pool. Have the balls at a comfortable distance and depth that's geared to the height of the kids and to their swimming ability.

floating pool decorations

Set them out in the pool before the guests arrive and if the party is for kids, let the kids take them home as party favors.

Beach Ball Ideas for Floating Pool Decorations

See how putting a theme to your pool party, gives the pool party decorations lots more direction and creativity?

Although beach balls with typical beach ball colors works great for any beach party theme, there are now so many really fun and cool beach balls.

From polka dots, to solid colors, to fun and colorful designs, a bunch of large floating beach balls is a great way to decorate for any pool party.

Inflatable Swim Rings as Floating Pool Decorations

We have several tropical fish swim rings and have used them to decorate the pool gate, as fun swim rings for our Under the Sea pool party, and as floating pool party decorations.

floating pool decorations

Kids who come to the pool love to swim with them. They've been very sturdy and have lasted us several pool seasons.

Colorful swim rings are just "begging" for someone to come and play with them.

Match your swim rings to your pool party theme - if it's a luau themed party go for pineapple pool floats and for a watermelon themed party then decorate your pool with watermelon swim rings and floats.

floating pool decorations

The swimming pool becomes so much more inviting to kids, teens and adults when their are some fun pool floats waiting for them.

Fun Swim Ring for Pool Decorations and Pool Games

Fun Flip Flop Floats

floating pool decorations

I couldn't resist getting (of course not one - but two) of these flip flop floating air mattresses.

Turn off your pool pump and you might have a better chance of them staying somewhat together.

These swimming pool floats are a great way to decorate for a flip flop themed party.

We used them all summer just as fun floats.


Floating Pool Lights

For your evening pool parties, when the sun goes down, these solar floating pool lights will automatically turn on. Be sure they get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. 

floating pool decorations

Anchor them with some string and heavy washers so that they don't bunch together and turn off your pool pump. 

Esuper 4 Floating Pool Lights - 14" Solar Powered with 4 Color Changes

Floating Octopus

An inflatable octopus for an under the sea party greets guests and can be used as a pool party decoration and for fun pool games.

floating pool decorations

Other ideas for floating pool decorations are inflatable sharks for a shark pool party, an octopus for an under the sea party, and an inflatable crocodile for a jungle pool party.

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