Shark Pool Party Ideas
Pool Party Ideas for Kids

Get your shark pool party ideas for a fun themed pool party. From games, decorations and invites you will find lots of shark sightings at this pool that works for all ages and for girls and boys. 

shark pool party ideas for kids

With fun shark floats, pool toys and shark inflatables your kids will enjoy this not so scary pool party idea.

Shark Pool Party Ideas for Inflatable Pool Toys and Floats

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Shark Pool Floats

The first place kids look at when coming into our backyard is the swimming pool - because of course they can't wait to jump in it.

shark pool float
Inflatable sharks are watching and waiting to make their first "attack" when the kids arrive.

Use inflatable sharks and shark pool floats for pool party decorations and pool party games.

shark pool float

Shark Swim Rings

Shark pool floats like shark swim rings make for great props for pool party decorations and for fun swimming pool games and races.

shark pool floats

This pool party theme has been used at our pool from ages 2 to 16. 

shark swim ring

Inflatable Pool Fun

Use inflatable sharks for decorations as well.  Hang one on the pool gate or hang several from the ribs on the patio umbrella.

shark pool party

Hang an inflatable shark on the pool gate.  Use them as pool decorations too.

shark pool party

Don't you love these guys?  These pool party decorations and floats are nice and big.  Ours lasted through the summer and provided lots of fun for pool party games.

shark pool party

This little guy isn't afraid of any hungry sharks.  They became best pals. Buy the bulk pack of 12 for extra fun and all over shark party decorations.

Pool Party Decoration Ideas with the Best Bubble Machine

pool birthday party ideas

Place a bubble machine by the pool gate/entrance so that as the guests arrive they walk through the floating bubbles.  Move it later to the pool area.  

Shark Pool Party Ideas for Favors & Photo Ops with Fish Visors

shark pool party
When the kids first arrive hand out shark or fish visors. I
pool birthday party ideas

Be sure to take a group picture before everyone get's into the pool.  The visors are made of foam so they can be worn in the pool and can get wet.

shark pool party

Photo Op

The colors are bold and bright and the sheet is large measuring 40" by 50".

The colors or bold and bright and the plastic sheet is large measuring 40" by 50".  Take individual pictures using the hole which is in the mouth of the shark.  What kid wouldn't want to put his head in the mouth of a shark :)

You can also just use it as a background for decorations or for a large group picture.  Hang it on the pool fence and you are ready to go:

Creative Converting Shark Photo Opportunity Poster

Shark Pool Party Games for Kids

kids pool party games

It's always fun to give your teams a themed name.  Our two teams were named after shark species, the Tiger Heads and  the Hammer Heads.  Other shark names are Blue Sharks and Great White Sharks.

Shark Blast

Get two shark Max Liquidators and use them for your pool party games. The goal is to move the shark to the other side of the pool by squirting it with water.

kids pool party games

Pool Dive Games

Kids will have a great time with these shark dive toys.

kids pool party games

Toss in two dive toys - one player from each team swims to get one of the fish and brings it back to the adult. The adult tosses the fish in again for the next team players.

kids pool party games

Place small plastic sharks inside dive eggs. We just had the kids take turns swimming to the bottom of the pool to get a couple of eggs. The kids could keep the fish that were inside the eggs. I bought a large tub of small sea creatures and used them inside the dive eggs as well as in their party bags.

Shark Pool Float

Have two ride on shark pool floats - one for each team.  

shark pool float

At the start time, each player gets on the shark float and the one who stays on the longest wins.  Keep playing until there is one player left who is the winner. 

Race Pool Party Game for Kids

pool games for kids

Don't you just love these shark mouth inflatables?  We used them for races.  Have a person hold them in place so they don't float away.  One player from each team races to the shark mouth , touches it, swims back and tags the next team member.

shark pool party

Each team is given an inflatable fish.  The goal is to stay on it and swim to the other side and back.  The next player takes his turn as well until the first team that finishes wins.

Kids Pool Party Games with Splash Bombs

Feed the Shark

Shark splash bombs were a lucky find at our local Kroger grocery store.  I bought them all since they were a dollar a piece :).

shark pool party

Kids lined up and took turns throwing the splash bombs through the shark mouth.  One point for each splash bomb that makes it through. The team with the most points wins.

shark pool party

Marco Sharko

Played just like Marco Polo, one player, the Shark yells Marco (with his eyes closed or or covered) while the rest of the players, the Guppies,  yell Sharko.  The Shark tries to tag one of the Guppies and when he does that Guppie becomes The Shark.

Shark Attack

A fun version of freeze tag in the swimming pool using a shark fin.

Give one person who will be The Shark a shark fin.

It can be one of the guests or one of the adults.  When the Shark tags one of the players he is frozen and can't move.  The Shark keeps playing until he is able to freeze all of the players.

Shark Pool Party Ideas for Cupcakes

shark pool party ideas
Who wouldn't love these fun cupcakes? So easy. I bought one dozen shark squirt toys from Amazon and used them as cupcake toppers and take home favors. White frosting sprinkled with blue sugar and heavy duty blue cupcake liners that don't fade made these treats a big hit. I used white cake mix so that the liner colors stayed vivid. If you use chocolate the colors really dull.

Shark Party Ideas for Favors and Invites

shark pool party ideas
I made the pool party invites using this Waves of Blue Border. The card stock paper and matching envelopes came from a large box of assorted card stock from Target. I use them all the time to make my invites. I love how this one has a trimmed border. The white shark tail is made from foam paper. The two pieces are simply glued onto the party bags. Embellish with some white ribbon and white tissue paper. Write the names of the guests at the bottom of the bag using a white chalk pen. These pens are sooo cool because if you goof up, you can just wipe it off and do it over.
shark pool party ideas

The turquoise blue paper bags can be used as your centerpiece as well on your pool party table.

pool birthday party ideas
Use the party bags as your centerpieces on the party tables. Add a couple of more mini shark squirters tucked in around the bags.
shark birthday party ideas

Ideas we used for party favors:

Sea Animal Stickers

Sea Animal Water Guns

Not lots of money was spent on paper goods - we used blue paper plates and cups and spent our party money on fun shark pool floats and inflatables.

A shark pool party theme for celebrating a birthday or just for an afternoon get together provides lots of fun in and out of the pool. 

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