Dolphin Pool Birthday Party
Pool Party Ideas for Kids

A dolphin pool birthday party was the theme chosen by our 9 year old granddaughter.  

kids pool party ideas

Wearing foam glasses with dolphins, standing in front of a "sea of wildlife" was the perfect photo op.

swimming pool party ideas

Dolphin Pool Party Decorations

pool birthday party

Guests were greeted by Flipper at the entrance to the pool.  A hula hoop and dolphin were tied to the arbor structure with clear fishing line.

swimming pool party ideas

I bought 6 large floating dolphins and 6 small ones.  They decorated the pool and greeted the guests when they arrived.  

pool party decorations

There is a small compartment on the bottom that is filled with water so that they stand upright.  Be sure to fill it completely or the dolphin will not stand up straight. When the pool pump is on they glide across the water and look so happy. 

36" Inflatable Dancing Dolphin

Inflatable Dolphins

pool party decorations

Place inflatable dolphins in the party area.  I bought a set of 12 24" dolphns from Amazon - they had a little hole in the fin so they can be hung from lots of different places - like the umbrella ribs of the patio umbrella.  The set contains 6 blue and 6 pink dolphins.  We used them for decorations and for pool party games.

Rhode Island Novelty, Inflatable Dolphins (12 Pack)

Dolphin Pool Party Games

pool games for kids

One cold February day I came across these dolphin floats and couldn't resist getting them.   The water squirt gun hose goes down into the pool for an endless stream of water.  We used these for races and for squirting the upright dancing dolphins.

pool games for kids
kids pool party games

Divide the guests into two teams.  Each team gets 4 splash bombs.  One at a time the team member tries to hit one of the dancing dolphins with the splash bomb.  The team that gets the most hits wins.

kids pool party games

The "dolphins" try to get to the other side of the pool without getting tagged by "the shark."  The fin is actually made of fabric - neoprene so it can get wet.  I found it at a local store.

swimming pool party games

Kids each get an inflatable dolphin to hold and try to make it across the pool without letting it go or falling off.

swimming pool party games

Weighted swim hoops sit on the bottom of the pool.  Players swim through the hoops to find a weighted egg that contains a plastic dolphin.

This is the second summer we've had the hoops - they are a favorite pool toy and provide lots of hours of entertainment.

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings, 3 Pack
floating pool toys

The favorite ride on toy .... "Beauty" as he was called by the girls provided lots of entertainment during free swim.

Swimline Dolphin Stable Pool Float
floating pool toys

I found these dolphin floats with squirters at Amazon.  Kids couldn't wait for their turn to ride them and squirt their opponents.  They continue to be a source of pool fun whenever we have kids at the pool.

Inflatable Swim Ring

A dolphin swim ring can be used for pool races.

You can get this swim ring as a shark or dolphin - so get two different ones. The Shark Team races the Dolphin Team. Divide the guests into two teams. One at a time they need to sit in the float and swim to one side of the pool and back. The next team member jumps into the float. The team that finishes first wins.

I also love to use swim rings to hang on the pool gate to greet the guests as they arrive.

Dolphin Swim Ring

Dolphin Visors

pool party ideas for kids

Dolphin visors make for great photo-ops or take home party favors. I could only find a set of sea visors that included a dolphin one - so I made sure the party girl got the dolphin one.

Dolphin Birthday Cake

dolphin birthday cake

Using wave shaped blue cupcake wrappers and foam dolphin tails, we had our dolphin birthday cake.  I found the wrappers at Etsy.  I made the dolphin tails from a template using different shades of blue foam.  Just stuck them in the white frosting and sprinkled some blue sugar on top.

Dolphin Pool Party Favors

pool party ideas for kids

Using a wave bulletin border, glue it to the bottom of a blue gift bag.  Some extra sparkle was added to the wave using spray glue and pressing on some blue sparkly Easter grass.  Cut out dolphin shapes from white foam craft paper and glue to the bag. Instead of tissue paper using different shade of blue Easter grass to top it off.

We filled the bags with:

Dolphin Necklaces

Our granddaughter claimed that her dolphin pool birthday party was the best ever and her friends agreed. 

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