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Pool Games for Kids

Diving games add some fun and excitement to any pool party. Be sure to find out how well your little or big guests can swim and ALWAYS have adult supervision. Never allow diving in the shallow end of the pool.

diving games

Dive pool games for kids can be geared to the theme of your party. Dive for sunken treasure for pirate pool party games or find friendly seahorses for a mermaid pool party game. One can find dive toys that appeal to almost any interest or age.

diving games

Swim Through Dive Rings 

Swim through hoops are weighted so that some will sit on the bottom of the pool and others several feet below the surface.

pool party games for kids

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Create an obstacle course with hoops combining them with dive toys so that they have to swim through the hoops and gather toys from the bottom for a fun challenge.

Swim Through Hoops

Dive Toys

Purchase dive toys that appeal to your child's interests - from Spiderman to Little Mermaid dive sticks.

diving games and dive toys

Have one person throw 3-5 dive toys at a depth that's appropriate for the swimmer.  See how many toys he can gather in one breath. 

pool diving games

Or scatter 8-10 dive toys and have two swimmers see how many toys can be gathered in one breath. The one who gathers the most wins.

Dive Toys

Sunken Treasure

Who knew? The favorite pool party game for our boys pirate pool party was diving for sunken treasures of colorful beaded necklaces.  

pool diving games
We just threw strands of dollar store plastic necklaces across the pool. One at a time the participant would see how many necklaces he could gather in one breath. Surprisingly the boys asked if they could take home their necklaces - why of course!

What added to our pirate pool fun, was swimming through these Swim Through Rings

They stay in place at the bottom of the pool ( in our case the shallow end) with attached weights. Place the hoops at a comfortable distance to swim through in one breath.

At the last hoop place your treasures of real coins or beaded necklaces and jewelry.  

Or you could simply throw a bunch of coins or small toys into the pool and have players dive down to retrieve them. The person with the most items at the end wins.

Diving Games using Dive Eggs

dive games
We use these dive eggs for almost all of our kids pool parties.
pool party games dive eggs butterflies and frogs

A plastic pirate ring was placed in the eggs for our pirate pool party and a fun frog for the frog pool party.

Butterfly rings were used for our butterfly themed party.

Kids love diving for their "treasure" knowing that they can keep whatever is in their egg.

Use real coins for a special surprise.

Search for Hidden Treasure - Real Coins

Get a small net, and you may have one at home, but if not we bought this dive toy with a small fishing net. Then throw and scatter pennies, quarters, nickles throughout the bottom of the pool.

Give each guest a certain amount of time (or what they can get in one breath) to gather up as many coins from the bottom of the pool.

Let each guest keep their "treasure" to take home.

Pool Diving Games

Diving rings are waiting to be found at the bottom of the pool. Have at least 12 dive toys with with 4 different colors.

pool diving games with pool dive rings

From a bowl with the colors written on pieces of paper, have each child pick the color of the dive ring he or she is to find.

Each person is given one opportunity to pick up as many pre-determined colored dive rings in one breath.

The one who gets the most dive toys is the winner.

Depending on how many kids are at the party, you could also put them into two teams.

One team dives for the blue and yellow dive rings and the other team dives for the orange and green ones. 

Colored Diving Rings

Dive Sticks - Sharks, Spiderman, Princesses and More

Select pool dive toys that will excite and motivate your child or guests to participate in your pool party games.  

Our grandsons are into sharks at the moment and they love to toss these weighted sharks into the pool for fun diving games. 

pool dive toys

Princess and super hero dive sticks are way more fun for pool party games then a plain colored diving sticks. 

Make your diving games appealing to your child by selecting dive toys that match their swimming ability,  interest and age - whether it is butterfly dive rings or pirate rings hidden in dive eggs.

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