Mermaid Pool Party Ideas

What could be a more perfect pool party theme than a mermaid pool party?! It doesn't need to be anyone's birthday - just a fun excuse to get a bunch of little mermaids together for a fun afternoon at the pool.

mermaid pool party

We host an annual Under the Sea Party/Mermaid party every summer - adding new games and decorations based on the ages of the kids and their ability to swim.

Little Mermaid Party Supplies

little mermaid party supplies

Little Mermaid party supplies are in abundance - you can find them at local stores like Target, Hobby Lobby, or party supply stores.

You can buy Little Mermaid plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths along with party supply bags and banners. If you want to make your shopping really convenient you can go on line to Amazon.  They sell an entire party package that includes all your paper good.

If you enjoy being creative you can make and create some of your own party supplies and even have fun doing it with your kids.

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Little Mermaid Party Invitations

Here are some creative wording ideas for this pool party theme:

1. Celebrate fathoms below with the Little Mermaid and Anna (or name of celebrant) for her 4th birthday

3. Search for treasures and trinkets at Anna's Under the Sea Party

4. Under the sea, Under the sea Darlin' it's better down where it's wetter Take it from me.... that this birthday celebration will be fathom's of fun.

Be sure to include instructions asking the guests to wear their swimsuits and to bring a towel.

It's easy to find Little Mermaid invitations on line. Amazon offers this 8 count package (pictured above)

Little Mermaid Party Invitations & Thank You Cards - 8 Count Each

Mermaid Pool Party Decorations

Use floats and inflatables as mermaid pool party decorations.

Set the mermaid pool float so that just the tale is visible as guests walk into the pool area.

mermaid pool party

Have mermaid pool floats in the pool to use as pool party decorations and pool party games.

mermaid pool party
Mermaid Pool Floats

Or use sparkling sea shell swim rings in the pool waiting to greet your guests. 

two blue and purple pool floats shaped like shells

Pool Gate

little mermaid party decorations

Simply buy a tropical fish inflatable swim ring and tie it on the gate to greet all of your guests. I use clear plastic fish wire or string.

Mermaid Pool Party Decorations

mermaid pool party

There is nothing quite like floating bubbles for a Little Mermaid pool party. Place the bubble machine at the entrance to the pool when the kids first arrive and then move it to the pool area. 

After making several different purchases I finally found one that worked well and we used it all summer. Creative Motion Bubble Machine would work for about an hour or so and then it needs a rest - but will start again.

Be sure to keep it filled with bubble juice - the one I used and would recommend is Froggys Fog Pro Bubble Juice.  Get the gallon size because you go through it pretty fast.

Little Mermaid Party Balloons

Use balloons at the end of the driveway or by the party table where everyone can enjoy them through out the day. 

Little Mermaid Birthday Bouquet of Balloons

Little Mermaid Party Decorations for Tables

mermaid pool party

The shimmering blue netting that is wrapped around the pole, is then pooled around the bottom of the pole.

Set out colorful beaded necklaces and plastic crabs, turtles, fish or seashells.

These plastic sea creatures are actually dive toys that I found at a store. 

So after the guests are done eating you can use them for diving games.

Mermaid Pool Party Favors

Put your mermaid pool party favors in colorful plastic beach bags (from the dollar store) and fill it with sand toys and mermaids. 

mermaid pool party favors in colorful plastic beach bags

Little Mermaid Party Decorations for the Pool

mermaid pool party

Have an assortment of beach balls floating in the pool - one's with Areile on it mixed with solid color ones. Sometimes you can find them at your local dollar store or Target.

Mermaid Pool Party Games

Take your little mermaids on a trinket dive for colored necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

mermaid pool party

Dive for seahorses or rescue Ariel from surrounding "sharks."

Play a "hot potato" type game using a Little Mermaid beach ball playing the  song, Poor Unfortunate Souls.

Mermaid Parade

Our granddaughters help make tropical fish from paper plates. They painted the plates pink and purple.

We stapled a fish tail made from strips of pink and purple tissue paper and then placed the fish on a painted dowel with streamers made from the tissue paper and purple ribbon.

Each mermaid guest is given their own tropical fish to carry - pink and purple for the girls and deep blue for the boys. The first activity for the mermaid party is the parade.

Download the music from the Little Mermaid onto your iPod. Using a portable ipod speaker, play the music Under the Sea while the guests parade around the pool until the song is finished. Our girls loved dancing around the pool.

Mermaid Splash

mermaid pool party

Mermaid games and a swimming pool - what combination could be better.

At the end of the song, the guests put down their tropical fish and line up by the edge of the pool or the diving board.

One at a time have the kids jump into the pool as you yell "Mermaid Splash."

Have the kids swim to the other end or side of the pool.

Trinket Dive

Dive games make for the best mermaid games. For kids old enough to swim underwater, scatter "trinkets" on the pool bottom.

The depth of the trinkets will depend on the ability and age of the swimmers.

Some of Ariel's favorite trinkets are spoons and jewelry. Use colored plastic spoons, plastic necklaces, bracelets or rings from the Dollar Store.

mermaid pool party

Each swimmer needs to gather as many trinkets as she can in one breath. Let the swimmer keep whatever trinkets she was able to gather.

If the kids are older drop just enough trinkets for that person to take home. Then drop some more for the next swimmer.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

We have a large shallow end in our pool. So if you have enough shallow end space, have the kids form a circle where each child can touch the bottom.

Using a Little Mermaid beach ball (I found mine at our Dollar Store) have the kids pass the ball to the person next to them while playing Poor Unfortunate Souls from the Disney Little Mermaid soundtrack.

mermaid pool party

Have a person in charge of the music,(I use a portable iPod speaker). Every 20-30 seconds, pause the music. Whoever is holding the beach ball when the music stops is out of the game and goes to sit on the side of the pool. The last person left is the winner!

This is a good game for kids who aren't great swimmers - it can be played in or out of the pool.

Mermaid Rescue

In this Mermaid swimming pool game, the Little Mermaid is "lost at sea" and must be rescued from the sharks that are surrounding her.

I found these princess swim rings at The Dollar Store and then placed a floating Ariel in the center of the ring. The colorful blow up fish are from Oriental Trading.

mermaid pool party

Place her in the deep end of the pool or at a distance that's safe for your swimming guests.

Each guest takes a turn to rescue Ariel and bring her home to safety without touching the "sharks."

Escape from Flotsam and Jetsam

Provide Ariel swim rings to your players and 3-4 at a time have them cross to the other side of the pool.

I was lucky enough to find our swim rings at the dollar store.

mermaid pool party

Meanwhile one or two of the adults are in the pool as Flotsam and Jetsam.

The first group of swimmers try to cross the pool with out getting tagged by one of these nasty eels.

Depending on how many kids, give the swim rings to the second group and have them cross the "eel infested" "blue seas".

Swim with Sebastian at Your Mermaid Pool Party

mermaid pool party

Use fun pool floats, like this lobster float for kids pool party games.

Poolmaster Lobster Lounge Ride-On

Music provides a festive, fun feel to the theme of a party.

So of course, the Disney Little Mermaid album, played on your portable iPod speaker lets your mermaids know that they are truly Under the Sea.

You can have the music played just as background music or incorporate a particular song for a game.

Our little mermaids danced to Under the Sea as they paraded around the pool for the Mermaid Parade holding painted tropical fish decorated with ribbon and crepe paper.

Mermaid Pool Party Ideas for Cupcakes

You don't need to be a fancy cake decorator to serve these fun and delightful cupcakes.

mermaid pool party ideas

Make or buy your favorite cupcakes.  Use white frosting or add just a drop of blue food coloring and sprinkle with blue sugar.

Top the cupcakes with Ariel figurines or mermaid tails.  Cupcakes are easy to make and serve. Kids can eat them with their fingers and then play with their own truly Little Mermaid.

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