Kids Pool Toys

We get a fresh supply of kids pool toys every spring. If we gear the toys towards the kids' current interests and age we find that they are winners and provide hours of cheap entertainment.

kids pool toys

Swim Through Pool Rings

There are several versions of swim through pool rings available. For some the weights keep them sitting on the bottom of the pool.

swim through pool rings

Kids love swimming through them. One swimmer who was just learning to swim under water became "fearless" when we set out the hoops for her. Set them at a depth that is comfortable for your swimmers. Then set them apart again at a distance that matches the swimmers ability.

Sometimes we add a trinket or money to gather up after the last hoop for added incentive.

Swim Through Pool Rings

Fun Pool Toys

kids pool toys

The game of Zartz is a big hit at our pool.  Two plastic mitts catch an arrow that's thrown up into the air. Kids 4 and older can play this swimming pool game and be successful which is what makes any pool game fun.

Get a set of 2 so that 4 kids can play at one time.

kids pool toys

Kids loves splash balls - no matter what shape they are. We used frog shaped ones we found at our local grocery store for our frog themed pool party for games and then as take home favors.

Let me tell you the kids were all asking, "Can we take the splash balls home with us?" Use them for games and/or for party favors. 

kids pool toys

This birthday girl loved her Little Mermaid that could actually" swim in the deep seas." 

Hours of entertainment including mermaid rescues made this pool toy a smart investment.

Pool Float Toys

Animal shaped inflatable toys keep kids entertained as they try to stay on the float by themselves or with their friends.

cool pool floats for kids

These floats come in all sizes and shapes from lizard ones like this one to shark, frog or whale  shaped ones.

Some pool floats have handles and a mechanism that prevents tipping. Check out  the assortment of pool float toys at Amazon here:

Cool Pool Floats for Kids

Dive Toys

A pool dive toy is a must have for every pool. Whether it's diving for Spider Man or the Little Mermaid, there is a dive toy that appeals to all ages and interests.

We have diving contests with our swimming guests even when it's not a party moment.

Of course you must include a diving game for your themed pool parties - that is if your guests can swim :)

kids pool toys

This dive toy is called Bubba - the Bottom Feeder. The idea is actually quite fun. Set the net looking fish on the bottom of the pool.  Keep the orange fish on the side of the pool.  The swimmer gets one fish and feeds Bubba then comes back up and gets another fish to feed him.

Eventually Bubba gets enough fish inside of him to make him float to the top.

Bubba The Bottom Feeder Water Diving Game

One of our favorite dive toys are a set of these dive eggs . We have put pirate rings, plastic frogs and dimes and nickels in them for some fun games.

dive toys

Putting a little treasure inside the egg provides either added motivation for the hesitant swimmer or a sense of excitement to the more experienced swimmer.

Of course the diver gets to take home whatever is in their egg.  I have not seen these in the stores in my area but you can get yours at Amazon here: dive eggs

A visit from our great nephews prompted a Disney Cars pool party with these dive toys. They thought they were pretty cool and the dive sticks kept them entertained playing their own made-up dive games. 

Disney Cars Diving Sticks - 3 Pack

Dive for sunken treasure and put the "booty" in the floating treasure chest.

The set includes 4 coins and 2 gems. Throw the treasures into the pool at a depth that is suitable for your swimmers. If the 4 coins aren't enough - use real coins which is even more motivation for going under.

Made by Melissa and Doug, you can find this dive toy at Amazon here:

Undersea Treasure Hunt

Throw Kids Pool Toys

cool pool toys

This is no ordinary splash toy - kids love the shape and color as well as throwing him around the pool.  He kind of bounces and skips across the top of the pool.  Use him at the pool, the lake or the beach.  This pool toy appeals to kids of all ages.

Max Liquidator

kids pool toys

Max Liquidators with a shark head means there is lots of squirting going on. So if you don't want to get wet, don't get near the pool when this guy is around.  

Kids pool toys from floats to inflatables to dive toys keep your kids in the pool and having pool fun all day. 

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