Underwater Pool Lights

Underwater pool lights can be a fun way to brighten up the pool area and add some "party" to the evening. These disco type lights are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors or flashing, disco type lighting.

The lighting coverage ranges from 10 - 20 feet. So if you want your whole pool lit up you will need to buy several lights. One of them just won't give enough light or give the affect of several lights.

They all need batteries and have an auto shut off feature. Although they are meant to be in the water, do not fully immerse the light.

To get the full effect of the underwater light show, your pool lights need to be turned off.

We bought one for our pool, but found that because our pool has a dark blue lining with a design, that it didn't give the affect seen in the picture. It was just too dark and the multi-colored light show competed with the pool lining pattern.

However, when we tried it in our neighbor's pool who has a light colored gunite pool - plain with no patterns - that this light was fantastic.

This light can be used in a hot tub as well.

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Underwater Light Starship

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