Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Looking for the best outdoor solar lights that will reward you every night by coming on automatically as the sun sets and keep shining for many hours without any effort or on going costs?

You can place them anywhere there is direct sunlight because there is no need for a cord or electricity. No batteries, no electric cords, no turning lights on or off - so easy. No need to leave your guests or a good time around the pool to go and light tiki torches or turn on battery operated lights.

solar powered party lights

Solar outdoor lights work by collecting sunlight through the solar panel that sits on top of the rock. The solar power is converted to electrical power which is stored in the rechargeable battery.

The wonderful light sensing technology just knows when it is getting dark and automatically turns on in the evening. If you place the light near another light source, such as a porch light or entry light, it will not sense darkness and will not turn on.

solar outdoor lights

Outdoor solar lights are the most rewarding of all pool party lights. No need for batteries, no electric cords, and no candles that blow out.

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These landscaping lights come in a variety of forms from torches to rocks to pathway lights.  We have many different solar lights that serve different purposes depending on where they are placed.  I like a bright white light with lots of LEDs to light up the path to the pool, but a soft, flickering light for the solar torches.

Tiki Torch Outdoor Solar Lights

A solar tiki torch provides lots of the same features as tiki torches, except that they come on automatically every night. No need to go around and light them.

solar powered tiki torches

I bought two sets of these solar powered tiki torches from Amazon because I love how they come on in the evening while we are sitting out at the pool enjoying an evening dinner. They are placed all around the perimeter of the pool.

No getting up to fill canisters with oil and running around with a lighter to light them.  They are easy to set up - just place them in a sunny spot. Ours get 6-8 hours of sunlight each day.  The height can be adjusted by using more or less of the pole pieces.

The flickering light gives it a touch of a real tiki torch without the hassle.

TomCare Solar Powered Tiki Torches Dusk to Dawn Auto On/Off, 4 Pack

Flickering Solar Tiki Torch Lights

We bought a set of 4 of theses flickering solar lights and liked them so much we bought another set to line the path to our pool. 

solar flickering lights

Just place the torch in the ground where the top is exposed to several hours of sun during the day.  They automatically come on every night and give such a real glow, that they actually look like there is a moving flame. When we tell our friends that these are outdoor solar lights, they are always surprised that the life like flickering isn't really a flame :)

When fully charged, at least 5 hours of direct sunlight, the flickering flame will stay lit for up to 10 hours. 

Solar Flickering Lights - Set of 4

Outdoor Solar Lights for Paths
Solar Powered Path Lights

solar powered path lights

We love the convenience of our solar powered path lights. This one in particular is different from other solar path lights - it has 2 bright LEDs which actually light up the path - much brighter than other solar path lights.  They look good during the day - actually quite elegant - made of bronze steel and real glass - no plastic. Of course they automatically come on at dusk.  Often they are still glowing when I get up in the morning.

solar powered path lights

I kept looking for high quality lights that were brighter than what can be found in a home improvement store. 

At first I bought only one set, but after seeing how nice they look and how well they light up our path, I quickly ordered a second set. 

We chose the warm white option instead of the cold white.

Solpex 8 Pack Solar Powered Path Lights

Solar Color Changing Lights

Solar color changing floating pool lights are becoming more popular and finally the prices are dropping.  Added features like a remote control and color options make them especially appealing for evening parties by the pool.

solar color changing lights

You can switch between 16 different color options and 4 illumination modes ( Flash, strobe, fade, and smooth) with the remote control.

solar color changing lights

This solar floating orb is 8".  I like that you can actually pick what color you want and keep it there. When fully charged it can go 6-12 hours at night.

It is completely waterproof but can be used outside the pool as well.  Since it is slightly flat and weighted on the bottom, you can place it on the ground near the party area.

Floating solar pool lights

Solar Floating Pool Lights

These solar floating pool lights inflate like a beach ball but have a weighted bottom.

solar floating pool lights

The colors automatically rotate from white, to blue, to green, etc.  You cannot select a single color.  We keep them in our pool and love how they automatically come on every evening and are often still going in the early morning hours.

Be sure your floating or hanging solar lights get 6-8 hours of bright sun. 

Esuper 4 Floating Pool Lights - 14" Solar Powered with 4 Color Changes

Hanging Solar Lights

This pack of two hanging solar lights comes with shepherd hooks.  Place them anywhere in your garden or along a path that gets several hours of sun.

hanging solar lights

As the evening sets in, the lights automatically come one lighting up stairs, pathways or a garden area.

hanging solar lights

Move them around easily if you want them in a different spot.

EKQ ROJOY Hanging Solar Lights with Shepherd Hook, Metal Waterproof Edison Bulb Lights for Garden Pathway(2Pack/Black)

Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

This set of 4 outdoor solar spot lights come on automatically every evening and are still going strong in the early morning hours.

best outdoor solar lights

Place the lights in full sun to charge the batteries.  As the day turns to dusk the lights come on automatically. Left in full sunlight for about 8 hours, the light should last for at least 6 hours at night, but we are seeing them last almost 8 hours.

best outdoor solar lights

When you first receive the set of 4 solar spot lights by Nekteck, it will take about 5-10 charging cycles for them to reach their full capacity.   Make sure you press the ON button before charging.

If the solar lights are near other lighting they may not come on as the sensors need darkness to automatically light up. You can adjust the solar panel to maximize the amount of sunlight it is exposed to.  Keep the solar panel clean as a dirty panel will not fully charge.

Nekteck 4 Pack Best Outdoor Solar Light- Adjustable Landscaping Spot Light, Bright and Dark Sensing, Yard, Pathway, Walkway, Garden, Driveway

Solar Globe Lights

What we love about our globe solar lights is that you can put them anywhere you get several hours of sun without needing any electric cord to power them.

solar globe lights

The bulbs are bright and provide wonderful evening glow that comes on automatically when the sun goes down. 

Solar Globe Lights

String Outdoor Solar Lights

We have several sets of solar string lights that we keep out all year round. One set is wrapped around a small deck and railing that overlooks the pool. Another set is on the garden arbor on the sidewalk going to the swimming pool.

We also have placed them on bushes and strung them in small trees just like one would string Christmas lights.

You know what a pain it is to work with strings of outdoor Christmas lights - even though the box says that the string of lights will continue to work, even when one bulb goes out - you also know not to believe that ...right?! That's what makes LED lights so great - the bulbs never burn out - or only after like 10,000 hours.

The solar lights on the bushes that are closer to the pool actually are reflected in the pool for a double delight.

We purchased several sets of these solar LED string lights from Amazon.  They come as either as a set of  two 200 string lights or as a single string.

Litom Solar Outdoor 200 LED String Lights 72.18 ft with 8 Working Modes

Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

rechargeable batteries for solar lights

Just when you thing your outdoor solar lights are not as bright as they used to be or provide no light at all you may need to replace the batteries.  Solar light batteries will last anywhere from one season to several seasons. Often there is no need to replace your solar garden lights when all that is needed is new rechargeable batteries. 

Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

Lantern LED Solar Garden Lights

Several of these solar lanterns light up our stairs to the pool. They are very elegant with clear glass and a bronze finish.

led solar garden lights

A warm light makes them very attractive and the solar panel means they just come on automaticaly every evening and stay lit till the early morning. It's recommended that you fully charge the lantern before turning the switch to "on."  Don't place them near your flood lights or entry light as other light sources will interfere with the sensor and they won't come on. 

Get a set of two to place around or near your pool or patio area.

Lantern Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

We have several solar spot lights shining on trees in three three corners of our backyard pool. We have neighbors who have just put in a pool with electric spot lights on their trees and ours are just as bright - and a lot less expensive.

They come on consistently every night, the light is nice and bright and there is no need for any electrical wiring. What could be more simple than that?  When the batteries need replacing they are located under the solar panel.  Unscrew the screws to open the battery panel and replace the old batteries with new rechargeable batteries.

Outdoor 4 LED Solar Spotlight - Dark Sensing Auto On/Off (2 Pack)

Rock Outdoor Solar Lights

We use our solar rock light as a spotlight to light up a bird bath. Solar rocks are a great for providing spot lighting, especially to dark corners or areas where there is no light.

solar rock light

These solar outdoor lights can be found at just about any home improvement store in the spring and summer and at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Ours lasted about 2 seasons and then needed to be replaced.

They come on every night and are often still lit when we get up in the morning. You can expect around 8 hours if the rock is fully charged. Which means the rock needs to be placed in a sunny spot where it can get sunlight most of the day.  The more light it gets the stronger the charge and the longer the rock will stay illuminated, but ideally 8 hours of  sunlight is best.   You can adjust the lamp head up or down on some of them. Turn on the button on the bottom of the rock to the "On" position.

Solar Rock Lights

Enjoying your pool in the evening is just as fun as it is during the day and sometimes even better because of the cooler temps.

Use different outdoor solar lights for different areas around your swimming pool - whether you string them in trees, place them along a path or surround the perimeter of the pool deck with solar tiki torches - you will love the simplicity, the low cost and the light to brighten any evening out by the pool.

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