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Patio umbrella bases come in a variety of weights and material - from granite to plastic.  They serve an important purpose of keeping your umbrella from being lifted up out of the hole or from tipping over from the wind.  It's not easy to find the heavier bases at your local home improvement stores.

To determine the right outdoor umbrella stand for your pool umbrella you will need to know:

patio umbrella stands

1. The size of the umbrella canopy

The most common umbrella sizes range from 6' to 12'.

2.  Where the umbrella will be used

Free standing umbrellas require a heavier stand than one that is resting inside a patio umbrella table.   A table offers more stability from gusts of wind or windy days. 

outdoor umbrella stand

3. The diameter of the umbrella pole.

The most common umbrella pole size is 1.5” in diameter, but can range anywhere from 1 1/8" to 3”.

Outdoor Umbrella Stand Weights

Here are some general weight guidelines for purchasing patio umbrella bases:

patio umbrella base

35 lbs or less for a 6 to 7.5-foot umbrella in a table

40 to 55 lbs for a 7.5 to 9 foot umbrella in a table

65 to 75 lbs for 9 to 11 foot umbrella in a table or up to a 9 foot wide free standing (if it isn't really windy)

50 lbs for a 6 to 7.5 free standing umbrella

75 lbs for a 8 to 11 foot free standing umbrella

100+ lbs will support any free standing umbrella. Heavier stands are recommended when using an umbrella without a table, in very windy areas, or with a tilt option.

There are several kinds of material to choose from such as granite, resin, and cast iron.

Rust Free Patio Umbrella Bases

I bought this patio umbrella base from Amazon after reading that it was made of rust free material but had the look of a cast iron umbrella stand.

patio umbrella base

My cast iron base had rusted after 2 short years and also left rust marks on the cement.  I liked the look but wanted something more long lasting.

outdoor umbrella stand with screw

The advantage of an outdoor umbrella stand with a screw is that you can tighten and secure the umbrella pole.

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This one weighs 48 lbs.

Rust Free Umbrella Stand

Rolling Patio Umbrella Bases

A rolling umbrella stand is great if you like to move your sun protection umbrella to different areas around the pool. Patio umbrella bases must be very heavy to keep your umbrella from tipping over, but their weight can make it impossible to move, unless.... you have a rolling umbrella base.

sand filled umbrella base

An umbrella base with wheels is more expensive than those without - but it will save you money if you only want one patio umbrella that you can move to other locations around your pool.

A rolling umbrella base provides the weight and stability that is needed for a free standing umbrella.

The features to consider are:

√ Fits 1-3/8in to 2-1/16in diameter umbrella poles

√ Made of durable high-density polyethylene, which will not rust or chip and requires no maintenance

√ Rolls easily on 4 high-quality wheels with locks. This allows the stand to turn and pivot easily

Rolling Umbrella Bases

Patio Umbrella Stand Table

Enjoy the space saving and stability of a patio umbrella stand table.

patio umbrella stand table

The extra stability and weight of this stone table will help stabilize your umbrella so you can enjoy not only some shade but some nice space to put your drink, food, cell phone or book. 

Patio Umbrella Stand Tables

Resin Outdoor Umbrella Stand

My most recent purchase for an outdoor umbrella stand was a resin umbrella base.

While it needs to be filled with sand or water to add weight, I like the fact that it won't rust, chip or peel like the cast iron umbrella stand I purchased less than 2 years ago.  

These stands can be bought in a variety of colors to match the pole or frame.

green plastic umbrella base 20

What we like about this attractive patio umbrella base is that it doesn't flake or rust like some other metal ones do. It also doesn't leave any rust spots or stains on the cement.

Although it is the least expensive umbrella base it is one of the most durable. Made of heavy plastic it needs to be filled with sand or water to give it weight. This means more time and effort on your part especially if you use sand. You will need to go buy the sand and then pour all of the sand into a little hole.

We simply put water in ours. Remember you need to empty it in the fall so that the water doesn't freeze and destroy the plastic.

Forty to fifty five pounds of weight are needed to stabilize a 7.5 to 9 foot umbrella in a patio table.

This one from Amazon is 50 lbs when weighted with sand:

US Weight 50 pounds when Filled: Fillable Umbrella Base, Black

Granite Outdoor Umbrella Stand

A granite outdoor umbrella stand is a heavy weight option for securing your umbrella.

granite outdoor umbrella stand

No rust stains on your pool deck make a granite stand a good choice. Choose one that has a tightening knob to accommodate and secure most umbrella pole sizes.

Granite Outdoor Umbrella Stands

Patio Umbrella Base Weights

Perhaps you have a patio umbrella stand that doesn't weigh enough and you find that your patio umbrella is still tipping over. Or maybe you live in a very windy area that causes your umbrella to get lifted. 

patio umbrella base weights

You can add additional weight to your existing or new patio umbrella stand with these weighted bags.

patio umbrella base weights

Add one to two bags of sand and pour it into the weighted bag. Get a funnel as the opening is very small.  The new design is made of heavy duty canvas with extra secure stitching and new with an improved extra large opening for adding the sand.  It comes in two different shapes - either the round as pictured or square. 

18" Round Umbrella Base Weight Bag - Up to 85 Lbs. for Patio, Offset and Cantilever Umbrellas.

Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella Stand

A cantilever umbrella requires more weight than one that is set into a patio umbrella table. The usual requirement is at least 100 pounds.

cantilever outdoor umbrella stand

These are also called off-set patio umbrellas and are often used in seating areas to provide some needed shade.

Options include those that are made of molded plastic and filled with sand or water. Some bases come with wheels so that you can move the umbrella.

Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella Stands

40 Pound Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

A cast iron umbrella base provides a decorative and sturdy base for any patio umbrella. They are heavy, provide lots of weight and are long lasting. Many people like the look of a cast iron umbrella stand - including me. But I don't like how quickly they rust and peel.

cast iron umbrella stand

It is an attractive way to hold your patio umbrella. If you still decide you want cast iron, look for a durable, rust-resistant powder-coat finish - but even that won't guarantee it won't rust and you can end up with a rusted umbrella stand and rust stains on your pool deck.

Amazon carries a variety of cast iron umbrella stands that are often less expensive than buying them at a store. Or as in my case, I bought an outdoor umbrella on line and expected to buy an umbrella base at a local store. Would you believe that by the end of July all of the stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Target were all out of umbrella stands?

Amazon provides a great selection - much better than any local home improvement store. Many of them offer free shipping which is amazing. This cast iron base weighs 40 lbs.

Galtech 40 LB Euro Deco Market Umbrella Base (Antique Bronze Finish)

Refurbish Your Cast Iron Outdoor Umbrella Stand

Our cast iron outdoor umbrella stand was peeling and showing some signs of rust. 

outdoor umbrella stand refurbished

To give it a fresh new look, we used an iron brush to remove any loose pieces and then sprayed it with a Rustoleum black spray paint.

outdoor umbrella stand

Our cast iron outdoor umbrella stand looks like new and hasn't peeled for several years. 

Do I Need a Patio Umbrella Base?

You may think that because your patio umbrella pole seems stablized by going through a patio table that perhaps an outdoor umbrella stand is not needed.

do I need an outdoor umbrella stand

 I can tell you that, it isn't true.  Ask me how I know :).

patio umbrella base

A weighted base or stand is necessary for any outdoor patio umbrella.

Patio umbrella bases provide stability to your outdoor umbrellas. They prevent umbrellas from blowing or tipping over.   Visit tips on how to windproof your umbrella.

First it's important to get the right weight and then decide on the material or design that you prefer when choosing patio umbrella bases. 

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