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Patio umbrella lights keep the party going even after the sun goes down.

Outdoor umbrella lights provide a warm glow for a romantic dinner or bright lights for late night card games.   Why just enjoy your patio during the day?  This patio umbrella accessory adds so much to any evening by the pool that no patio umbrella should be without one.  

patio umbrella light

Lighted patio umbrellas provide the perfect ambiance for an evening outside. You have some great options to choose from that are powered by solar, battery or USB charging.

Lighted Patio Umbrella

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Power sources can be battery operated, solar, electric or candles.

Decide first what is the purpose of the light - is it just for ambience or do you want to be playing a game or cards at the patio table.  Then decide what power sources works best for you. Solar, battery and candles can be used in combination - hanging from your umbrella ribs, umbrella pole and on the table.

outdoor umbrella lights

If we can sit outside comfortably in the evening, we'd rather by outside than inside enjoying the evening breeze, the stars and possibly a full moon. You can count on the sun going down every night, so instead of moving inside or having your guests go home, be prepared with some type of patio umbrella light. With limited space on the patio table we like to use lights that use the pole rather than sit on the table.

The three that do this best are:

1. Battery Powered Umbrella Lights

2. Outdoor Umbrella Candles

3.  Solar Hanging Lights

Patio Umbrella Lights Using Candles

An outdoor umbrella candle offers elegance and simplicity. This candelabra provides a beautifully lit table for evening entertaining out by the pool - without taking up any table room.

I have owned one of these for years, and it is one of my favorite patio umbrella lights.

Entertaining in the evening means no hot sun, cooler temperatures, and a great mood with the stars out and some candles. Simply light your candles and you have a beautiful centerpiece and light.

outdoor umbrella lights

The space saving light fits around almost any size patio umbrella pole. Most of these candles are metal. This one comes with 6 glass votive holders and uses votive candles. Our outdoor patio table only seats 4 and after the table has been set and the food put out, there isn't much room left for a centerpiece and candles.

This outdoor umbrella candle takes care of both. This one is hard to find in the stores - but Amazon offers a similar designs and offers lots of convenience:

Decorative Outdoor Round Waves Wrought Iron Umbrella Candleholder

The candle holder provides the perfect outdoor lighting for evening entertaining and the glass votives protect the candles from blowing out in a breeze. You can use tiny electric candles in them as well.

Lighted patio umbrellas keep the party going after the sun goes down. 

Rechargeable Battery Patio Umbrella Lights

Battery powered outdoor umbrella lights can light up your patio table anywhere. There is no need for any cords or any outlet. 

patio umbrella with lights

Patio umbrella LED lights are long lasting and provide a brighter light to your patio table than outdoor umbrella candles that just might blow out.  Plus LED lights almost never wear out. We love this battery operated one that simply clamps onto the umbrella pole - adjust the light by

putting it up higher or lower on the pole or

facing the light upward toward the sky or downward toward the table

pool party lights for your outdoor umbrella

If you will be using your outdoor umbrella light frequently, then you may want to consider a rechargeable battery operated umbrella light.  The adjustable clamp fits almost all umbrella poles. When fully charged, you can expect almost 6 hours of light. It uses 28 LED lights that will last at least 30,000 hours.

A dimmable feature allows you to switch from 28 LED lights to 8 LED lights by simply moving the switch to the left.

This umbrella light includes a USB charging cable and a battery pack that contains 3 AA rechargeable batteries with a specialized charger. It's bright enough to see to play cards or other games.

Patio Umbrella Lights, Rechargeable; 28 LEDs Cordless Umbrella Pole Light for Patio Umbrellas,2 Level Dimming Switch

Simply clamp the light to the pole and adjust the amount of light by putting it low and closer to the table for more light or higher up the pole for less light.

If you want to combine it with candles, flip it or reverse it so that the light shines up into the umbrella and then have the warm ambient lighting candles underneath.

The rechargeable feature means you don't need to keep batteries stocked. Just remember to remove it after an evening outside and recharge it so it is ready to go for the next evening.

Battery Patio Umbrella Lights

This less expensive umbrella light offers plenty of light to keep the party outside. The one I purchased has 40 LED lights and it is plenty of light. It fits nice and snug around the umbrella pole. It's very easy to clamp on and release. 

We have left ours out in the rain under the Sunbrella fabric umbrella many times - and it still works - but I wouldn't recommend it.

patio umbrella light
These battery operated umbrella lights provide direct lighting so you can see well enough to simply dine at your patio table or play cards and games.

The 40 LED lights provide up to 30,000 hours of use. It uses 6 standard AA batteries (not included). Brand new batteries can provide up to 30 hours of illumination. We have used ours for several hours for many evenings without having to change the batteries.

If you are looking for a brighter light for your patio table and one that doesn't take up any table space this is the perfect outdoor umbrella light. This one costs less than half of what the rechargeable one costs. Find it at Amazon here:

Solar Patio Umbrella Lights

These lights make a big impact with little effort.  The set up is super easy - just attach the solar panel to the top of the umbrella and voila - lights come on automatically every night.

This 9' umbrella is made out of powder coated steel ribs with an aluminum pole.

It has my favorite features - a crank to open the umbrella and a tilt mechanism to block the sun.  The more LED lights the better.

patio umbrella with solar lights

With 5 LED lights on each rib for a total of 40 lights, in full sun the solar lights will glow for 9-12 hours.

The solar panel/battery is located on top of the umbrella.

FLAME&SHADE 9' Solar Power LED Light Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella with Crank Lift, Push Button Tilt,

Hanging Solar Lights

Solar outdoor lights are a simple, inexpensive, yet effective way to light up your pool or patio area. We use a combination of solar umbrella lights, solar torches,  and solar string lights.

We love how they just come on effortlessly and reliably every evening. No need to go get batteries, find an electric outlet or light up candles or torches.

Umbrella solar lights offer the easiest way to bring light to your patio table.

Clip them onto the edge of the umbrella and you'll have some cool, pool party lights.

Kyson Solar Power Vintage Lantern Candle Twinkle Effect LEDs Outdoor Waterproof Hanging Umbrella Lights Light Pack of 8

Outdoor umbrella lights allow us to entertain guests or enjoy an evening by the pool by ourselves long after the sun goes down.  If you have a patio umbrella, then an outdoor umbrella light is an inexpensive way to spend more time in the beautiful outdoors. Enjoy your evenings by the pool with a lighted patio umbrella.

Enjoy every last minute of the day or shall I say night, by lighting up your outdoor umbrella with patio umbrella lights.

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