Swimming Pool Water Pump

When choosing a swimming pool water pump there are several features to look for that will keep your pool sparkling and save money on your electric bill.  Ingound pool pumps are the "brains" of the pool to keep the water filtered and clear.  

swimming pool pumps and filters

Keeping your pool water circulating through the filter system, sanitizing the pool and mixing pool chemicals are its most important jobs.  A pool pump also consumes the largest amount of electricity for your home so when it's time to install or replace, consider what pump will keep your energy costs down while doing a good job of maintaining a clear pool.

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What Speed Swimming Pool Water Pump

swimming pool water pump

The three choices for an inground swimming pool pump are:

a single speed,

dual speed and

a variable speed.

With the single speed costing the least upfront investment and the variable speed the most expensive pump to buy.  Conversely the variable speed pumps cost the least to operate and the single speed costing the most because it operates on a much higher speed than is always necessary.  With many different options for programs and speed, the variable speed is the most energy efficient and the best cost effective for long term use.

What Size Inground Swimming Pool Pump

Swimming pool pump motors can range in varying powers from .5 horsepower to 2.5 horsepower.  The size motor that is best for your swimming pool depends on the size (or number of gallons) of your pool and if it is connected to a hot tub, waterfall, or solar heating. These extra features may require a higher HP pump. 

When choosing the size of your swimming pool pump consider:

1. Pool Size

Your pool pump needs to be sized to the size of your pool. You will need to know how many gallons your pool is before buying a pump.

2. Initial Investment Upfront

3.  Long Term Electricity Costs

State Requirements - some states are now requiring more energy efficient dual or variable speed pumps

Someone who keeps their pool open year round may want to conside the increased monthly electricity bills.

4. Noise 

Single speed pumps usually produce the most noise (although newer single speed pumps are quieter than the old ones) while the variable speed pumps are the most quiet.  Our pump sits right outside our screened in porch, where we can hear it run.Depending on where your pool pump is located the need for a quiet pump may become a determining factor. 

Hayward pool pump

We have the two or dual speed 1.5 HP motor for a 28,000 gallon and have had it for 3 years. There is a high and a low switch with the low setting the pump runs quieter than at the high setting.  Our experience was that we could run the dual speed pump for longer amounts of time on low speed using less electricity than when we ran our single speed pump for a shorter time.  Our Hayward Superpump runs very efficient and circulates the water really well.

Hayward Dual Speed Super Pump

Single Speed Hayward Swimming Pool Water Pump

swimming pool water pump

Hayward is a reliable name for pool pumps and the most often bought pump is the single speed. Be sure you check the warranty requirements when buying from Amazon but you'll find the prices here are usually better than from your local pool store.

Hayward Single Speed SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

Pentair Swimming Pool Pumps

Pentair swimming pool pumps have a long standing reputation for their durability, efficiency and longevity. 

Pentair swimming pool pumps

Your options include a single speed or a variable speed pool pump. A variable speed pump costs significantly less to operate especially in places where swimming pools stay open year round. 

Pentair Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Water Pump Basket

swimming pool pump basket

Your swimming pool pump basket periodically needs to be replaced.  It is specific to your pump make and model.  For your convenience here is an assortment of pump baskets at Amazon:

Swimming Pool Pump Baskets

Swimming Pool Booster Pump

swimming pool buster pump

For those who use automatic inground pool cleaners a booster pump is needed to run it so it can provide pressure and propel the cleaner to move all around the pool.  Polaris, Pentair and Hayward are the three most common reliable manufacturers for these pumps.  You need to make sure the pump is compatible for your automatic pool cleaner.  Most pumps will include the necessary connectors and tubing.

Swimming Pool Booster Pumps

Clean Your Pool Filter Cartridges for Optimal Pump Performance

In order for your swimming pool water pump to perform optimally, your pool filter cartridges need to be clean, either through replacing them or cleaning them. 

pool filter cartridges

In the spring we hose them down and let the pump run with last year's cartridges during pollen season and then we replace with new Pool Filter Cartridge Replacements.

Keep your pool sparkling and your maintenance minimal with a swimming pool water pump that's efficient and clean pool filter cartridges for optimal pump performance. 

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