Pool Games for Kids

Pool games for kids can be simple diving games, water balloons or relays ... or they can be theme based like pirate party games or a mermaid or Finding Nemo game.  They need to age appropriate and geared toward their swimming ability.

Make sure the games always have adult supervision.

pool games for kids

Some games don't require any swimming, just the willingness to get into the pool and get wet. Our pool has a large shallow end which is great for playing pool volleyball, basketball and badminton or just plain catch.

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Basketball Pool Games for Kids

Enjoy basketball? Enjoy it even more with this floating hoop. You don't need to come up with ideas for pool games with this one - just let the kids play.

pool games for kids

Be prepared for to play pool party games with this inflatable pool basketball toy.  Let it float and let the kids toss the included pool basketball into the hoop.  Play with points - get designated points depending on which opening your basketball leaves the hoop.

pool games for kids
Swimline Giant Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy

Pool Games for Kids Using Inflatables

pool games for kids

From inflatable dolphins to inflatable cars and horses, your imagination can come up with lots of creative swimming pool games.  Use the inflatables for races or free time in the pool.

Find an assortment of fun pool floats at Amazon here: 

Animal Pool Floats

Pool Games for Kids Using Swim Rings

Use colorful or themed for swim rings - whether it's Disney's Frozen Elsa and Anna Swim Ring, pirate themed or fun shapes like monkeys, hippos or frogs - kids gravitate to them instantly and are soon racing across the pool.
pool games for kids

Use swim rings for fun races. 

Get different colored swim rings - one for each team.

Older kids love a challenge and being part of a team.

Pool Games for Kids Using Dive Toys

Swimming pool diving games can be a fun way to keep cool and everyone in the pool. Be sure to find out how well the kids swim and always have adult supervision.

pool games for kids

Almost all of our pool parties include some kind of dive toy or game. These swim through hoops provide lots of opportunity for fun games. They can sit on the bottom of the pool or you can adjust these hoops so that they are floating just under the surface of the water.  Set them a couple of feet apart.

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings, 3 Pack

Fun dive toys are a great way to motivate swimmers to go under the water. We have a large shallow end that works great for younger kids to easily reach a dive toy setting at the bottom. From Spider Man Dive Sticks to Princess Dive Characters, find dive toys that appeal to the age, gender and interest of your children.

pool party games for kids

Make your dive games fit the theme of your party, such as diving for "buried treasure" for your pirate party game or finding friendly seahorses for your mermaid party.

Pool Games for Kids Using Themed Kickboards

pool games for kids

Whether your kids like Minnie Mouse or the Paw Patrol there is a swimboard that appeals to all ages and genders.

Simply divide the kids into two teams.
Give each one a kickboard.

Each team member swims to one end of the pool and back and hands the kickboard to the next team player.

The team that finishes first wins.

You can often find these pool toys in the beginning of the pool season at Target, the Dollar Store or Amazon.

Disney character Kickboard

Swimming Pool Games

Pool Games for Kids Using Splash Bombs

Splash bombs come in an assortment of styles - we've had frog, ladybug and shark splash bombs to go with our themed pool parties. 

pool party games for kids
Kids can create their own fun and games with splash bombs. This is a set of 4 from Amazon - you can buy larger packs of 12 or 24 - but I found that those balls were much smaller. This set is a full 3" about the size of baseballs.

Place two hula hoops on the opposite ends of the pool and divide the kids into two teams. Each team tries to get their splash bombs into the other teams hula hoop. No one is allowed to touch or move the hula hoop - but they can try to catch or block any toss.

Splash Bombs

Pool Football

Who doesn't enjoy a game of football? It's even more fun in the pool.

Get dads playing with their kids with this pool toy.

Toss it, jump for it and dive in for the big catch.

This pool footballs provides countless hours of entertainment for just a couple of dollars. Get ready for some high energy fun ...

Get yours at Amazon here:
Poolmaster Xtreme 9" Cyclone Football

Max Liquidator - Blaster and Shield

pool games for kids

Defend or attack with this Max Liquidator - shoots water up to 30' and the board can be used to protect you from friendly fire from your "enemy."

Ride on it like a swim board, shoot water or hold it up like a shield. Be sure to get two of them for lots of pool fun.

Use the water blaster to blast beach balls across the pool for one game idea. 

pool games for kids

Kids love playing catch in the pool and there's no easier way than with a velcro ball and mitt set.  

Toss and Catch Ball Set

Pool Games for Kids Using Transformed Noodles 

pool games for kids

Transform swimming pool noodles into parrots, monkeys or lions. 

Buy your foam noodles for just a dollar a piece at your local dollar store. Get a couple of animal foam visors from your dollar store and wrap them around the foam noodles.

With a little childlike creativity, a sunny day and a few pool toys you can have some fun with these pool games for kids.

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