Monkey Pool Birthday Party Ideas

Go wild with these monkey pool birthday party ideas.  This kids pool party theme works well for girls and boys alike. Our group of kids ranged in age from 2 to 8 years old.

pool birthday party ideas

Monkey party supplies include invites, decorations, party favors and more. If you are like me, and want to get a little creative with ideas that don't take too much time, but are fun for you and the kids on.

Monkey Pool Birthday Party Ideas for Invitations

monkey invitations

These colorful monkeys are made from a Valentine foam craft kit from Oriental Trading and then glued onto lime green stock paper (I bought a big pack of assorted colored stock paper with matching envelopes at Target).  So lime green and fuschia pink became our party theme colors.

The invite sets the theme for the party and helps to build excitement and anticipation. The party invite wording and details were printed on the computer and then glued to the other side.

Here are some wording ideas:

Come Hang with the Monkeys at Miller's Pool

Have Some Fun Monkey Business celebrating ....

Monkey Pool Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

pool birthday party ideas

I always start my pool party decorations at the arbor by the sidewalk that takes the guests to the swimming pool.

Kids love color and so do I - so no dull browns and faded greens for this party.

Also hang one on the pool gate to greet your guests. When decorating for a pool party, big and colorful makes the best impact and these monkeys do just that.

These  colorful, inflatable monkeys were also found hanging from the patio umbrella ribs and tree branches.  Use them as table decorations as well. 

kids pool party

The vinyl inflatable monkeys are also great for pool games and as take home party favors.

They are 20" tall and come in a set of six different colors. Find them at Amazon here:

Set of 6 Colorful Inflatable Monkeys

Get the kids engaged right away. Write the name of each guest on one of the hanging monkeys. Get enough monkeys so that each guest has their own.

When a guest arrives, instruct him/her to go find the monkey with their name on it. Then simply let them play with the monkey in the pool and have them take it home as one of their party favors.

Monkey Pool Birthday Party Ideas for Party Supplies

pool birthday party ideas

I found monkey visors at our dollar store - provide each guest with their own visor and of course, take some pictures.

Our oldest granddaughter taught the kids the the words and motions to "Peal the Banana".

pool birthday party ideas

The monkey foam craft served double duty as the party bags and as table decorations.

Because our parties are outdoors, we use our tables with patio umbrellas - which means there is a big pole in the middle. To hide the pole, place 3-4 party bags around it.

Spread some colored grass on the bottom and tuck in some plastic snakes.

The tablecloth matters - you can use round or rectangular plastic tablecloths, but if you are using a patio umbrella table, then you will need to cut a slit up one side and then tape it.

I have tons of umbrella tablecloths, so this deep pink/red checkered one worked perfect for our party colors.

Monkey Tattoos

monkey birthday party

While you are waiting for all the kids to arrive set up a monkey tattoo station. You will need a small table or section of your outdoor table, the monkey tattoos , a small washcloth and a plastic bowl of water (no glass out by the pool).

Assign an adult or older child to put on the tattoos. We let the kids (and adults) have as many as they wanted.

Everyone loved these colorful tattoos. They stayed on well throughout the party in and out of the water.

The package comes with 72 brightly colored monkeys. There are plenty enough to put several in the party gift bags as monkey party favors.

Monkey Pool Birthday Party Ideas for Party Bags

monkey party bags

I purchased extra Valentine foam craft kits to decorate the party bags  - the same craft kits that were used for the monkey party invitations. I just didn't put all the extra little hearts on it.

Of course lime green bags with pink tissue paper carry the party theme colors.

Place the party bags around the patio table umbrella or in a circle on a regular table to serve as monkey party decorations.

Plastic Banana Pens , finger puppets, and hanging monkeys are just a few ideas for party gifts.

The erasers pictured actually come apart like a little puzzle - so they are not for kids under 3-4 who are still putting things in their mouth.

Monkey Japanese Erasers/ 6 Pack

Party Food

monkey birthday party

These cute monkey containers were found at our local dollar store.

They can be used as the party bags filled with treats, stickers or temporary tattoos.

Fill them up before the party with fruit salad and serve them at lunch or try banana pudding for dessert instead of cupcakes.

Monkey Cupcakes

monkey birthday cake

All you need for these monkey cupcakes are some monkey finger puppets, cupcake wrappers and colorful sprinkles for easy but fun cupcakes the kids will love. Who wouldn't want to take home this cute little cupcake topper?

Finger puppets are great for decorating your cupcakes. We use them all the time.

Kids love them, they are inexpensive and an easy way to decorate any cupcake.

Buy cupcake wrappers for an extra punch of color especially if you want to use your treats as a centerpiece displayed in a cupcake stand.

monkey birthday cake

The finger puppets serve as cupcake toppers and as party favors.

Get a set of 12 for under $6 at Amazon here:

12 Neon Monkey Vinyl Finger Puppets

Serve the cupcakes in a cupcake stand or tower and use it as your party table centerpiece. I use a 13 Count Cupcake Stand

monkey birthday cake

Use lime green and white greaseproof baking cups - the design won't fade like it does with other cupcake liners.

Cupcake wrappers can also be purchased from Amazon for $6 for a set of 12. Kiwi Green Cupcake Wrappers

Store bought frosting holds up better in the heat so that is what I always use. Sprinkle the tops with colored sprinkles and you have some really colorful and fun cupcakes that are simple and easy to make.

Kids Pool Party Games

You can turn ordinary games into monkey themed kids pool party games with a few monkey party supplies and inflatables.

When all the guests arrive, get into the pool for some serious "monkey business."

Monkey Rescue

kids pool party games

Kids take turns rescuing the monkey inside the floating hula hoop. Each person on a team takes a turn swimming to the hula hoop, grabs the Inflatable Monkey, brings it to the next team mate, who returns it to the hoop and swims back to his team.

The next teammate swims to the hoop and rescues the monkey and the cycle starts all over.

Kids Pool Party Games with Monkey Swim Rings

kids pool party games

Use themed pool toys for fun pool games. Divide the kids into two teams and provide a monkey pool float for each team.

One at a time the child swims the width of the pool and back and gives the monkey float to the next team member.

The team that finishes first wins.

Amazon sells this pool float for almost $10. I found mine at our local grocery store for $3.

Beach Balls

Have monkey beach balls floating in the pool when the guests arrive.

Use them for your pool party games and as take home favors.

Depending on the age of your little guests, just let the kids play with the balls in the pool or on the steps or just toss the ball back and forth.

For older kids incorporate the beach balls into the games by tossing the beach balls into a floating hula hoop or a relay game of holding the beach ball under their stomachs while trying to swim across the width or length of the pool.

Steal the Banana

Divide your group into two teams. Using plastic bananas, place a two bananas at one end of the pool.

kids pool party games

The first player of each team swims to the other end grabs the banana and brings it to the next player.

That player brings the banana back to where it was and leaves it there. The next player swims and gets the banana and gives it to the next player who then returns it to its original spot.

The team that finishes first wins.

Kids pool party games are often the most memorable part of a birthday party so adjust your planning to what's the most fun for kids. 

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